Yes! Twerking in church should stop
Published On November 28, 2017 » 1392 Views» By Davies M.M Chanda » Opinion
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“I was glad, very glad when they said unto me, let us go to the house of the Lord,” says one of the oldest and popular hymns on the importance of going to church.
Old as it may be, the hymn was mostly taught to the young ones to show them how it is important to take time to go to church and pray in the house and presence of God.
It teaches us that we go to church to do nothing but pray and glorify God our creator without harbouring any sinful thoughts or deeds.
But with time the church has taken another twist with congregants engaging in various forms of conduct raising serious concerns if people are now abusing the House of the Lord.
Many churches are now allowing indecent dressing and provocative dances all in the name of worship and praising the almighty God.
Religious Affairs minister Godfridah Sumaili has today  said that indecent dress codes and provocative dancing (twerking) in churches must be stopped.
Reverand Sumaili has cautioned that the trend is unholy particularly in a country with Christian values.
She says indecent dressing and provocative dancing are a growing and worrying trend in most churches and are not pleasing in the eyes of God.
Rev Sumaili says God should be honoured and respected during prayers.
Dance with strength for the glory of God. Don’t begin to dance as if you are dancing at a bar. Calling ourselves a Christian nation means we have to be Christ-like.
God is looking for worshippers who will worship in spirit and truth. We have to present ourselves in an honoring manner and should not be offensive to him and other worshippers with the way we worship.
She says it is not right the way some worshipper’s dresse, particularly females who go to churches in mini-skirts and other revealing attires.
The way one dresses matters in God’s eyes, adding that a dress code is also a form of worship and respect to the creator.
The church has in the recent past been in the news on issues that are sinful because of seductive dances and revealing outfits.
Many are the times we hear that some clergymen are said to have defiled young girls or committed adultery with other people’s wives all in the name of praying.
While one may say it is the women who are in a habit of dressing seductively at church, some men too wear tight fitting clothes which are also disturbing.
Imagine a woman dressed in a mini-skirt or some other tight fitting attire and dancing in a seductive way in the presence of men.
It is believed that men live by what they see, so it is important that women consider that when dressing for church because surely they lead men to temptation.
Otherwise, there is need to check how some people dress and worship God people their entire generation is engulfed in sin at the expense of prayer.

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