Policy shift normal…Lungu wants policies flexible enough for maximum benefits
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. Lungu

. Lungu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has said that change in policy is a normal Government strategy used to adequately respond to issues that come up.
Mr Lungu said he constantly got complaints from some people that the Government was not consistent in its policy formulation.
He said policies should be flexible enough to change in order to ensure maximum benefits to Zambians.
“There is no policy consistency if you are running into a ditch or you are drowning,” Mr Lungu said. “You need to pull back and reconfigure so that you survive.”
The President said the Government ran a risk of failure by holding on to policies that were not reaping the required benefits for Zambians.
President Lungu said this on Saturday evening at the University of Zambia alumni dinner.
He said variables and factors changed and when that happened, it was cardinal for the Government to reconsider their position.
Mr Lungu said abandoning a policy or making amendments to it did not mean that he was a coward but instead meant that he was flexible enough to ensure that Zambia benefited.
He said Zambians came first in his job and so he would not succumb to opinions by people that felt they were always correct by hanging on to policies that were not beneficial.
Mr Lungu said throughout his presidency, he would make bold decisions in order to bring proper change to the living standards of Zambians.
The President also said Zambians should focus on prospering themselves and not concentrate on how to destroy other people’s careers.
Mr Lungu said it did not pay to plot how to destroy another person’s prosperity instead of working to improve one’s own life.
The Government has come under fire from many opposition leaders recently who say that it is inconsistent in policy formulation.
At the weekend, Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president Sean Tembo said the recent reversal of the night ban on trucks carrying goods was an example of how the Government was not consistent in their policies.

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