Zambian transporters surcharged
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THE Tanzanian Revenue Authority (TRA) has penalised Zambia fuel transporters and charged them for overstaying in Tunduma while waiting for clearance by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).
Recently, transporters expressed concern on the delay by the ZRA in clearing their trucks at the Nakonde border post, the Zambian side of the border.
Petroleum Transporters Association of Zambia (PTAZ) general secretary Benson Tembo confirmed this in an interview yesterday.
Mr Tembo said TRA was charging petroleum transporters TSh40,000 for delaying to move out of Tanzania due to delayed clearance by ZRA at the boarder
He complained the delay to exit Tazania through the Nakonde border was not their fault and intention.
“This is so frustrating,  we do not understand  why we have  to pay for the delay which is  not caused  by  us, it  is  so  unfair and TRA should  relook at the  matter,” he said.
Mr Tembo said Zambia and Tanzania had signed bilateral trade agreement for free and fair trade which he alleged was not being complied with.
He urged Government to reciprocate the penalisation to Tanzanian transporters who delay to exit Zambia due to various reasons.
Mr Tembo said there were more Tanzanian trucks coming into Zambia, if ZRA starts penalising them for delayed exit, Government would generate a lot of revenue.
He alleged that the move to penalise Zambia transporters was a way of frustrating and pushing local transporters out of the business.
Mr Tembo said with the penalties, transporters would be required to spend more money to transport imported fuel into the country hence increase the cost of doing business.

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