You can’t have your cake and eat it
Published On January 24, 2018 » 2402 Views» By Evans Musenya Manda » Opinion
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In Matthew 5:37, the Bible states that All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.
We totally agree with this biblical statement since there is no harm in saying you like something or hate it.
This is even more applicable in an institution like a political party where we feel its viability should be judged by collective responsibility, loyalty to the leader and honesty.
Here we are referring to the acute observation made by President Edgar Lungu who has noted that some individuals within the Patriotic Front (PF) are contradicting themselves by leaving the Government but still wanting to remain party members.
What hypocrisy and stupidity!
Though the President did not mention the names of these turncoats who are manifesting gross double standards and two-facedness, as the fourth estate, we know a number of them who have formed cartels within the ruling patriotic party and outside liberally and loudly championing personal causes and not that of the party.
Some are calling for conventions maliciously to advance their political ambitions, others are showing sympathy for rebels, others want to sue the party from some ill-defined favours they die, while yet another group is undermining the head of state himself.
It all started in Kabwe where President Lungu emerged as both the appointed and rightful leader to steer the PF boat to the political Canaan that Zambia desperately needs.
Here we can cite those politicians who recently resigned or got removed as ministers and government leaders but have deafened our ears insisting that they will remain in the ruling party despite castigating the Government thereafter.
Other political charlatans and demagogues of the highest order have also noisily and shamelessly vowed to remain in the party despite their continued criticism of the ruling party and the Government.
Can political buffoonery be worse than this?
We are surprised that these politicians are blind to their inconsistencies by feigning outrage at what they perceive to be bad governance across the other side of the political aisle which they want to continue belonging to.
These shameless politicians are masquerading as saints and political messiahs with a panacea to all the country’s woes.
Fortunately, these politicians and other party members who are condemning PF but want to remain in the party have just exposed gross political hypocrisy, ill-intentioned foolishness and double standards for the sake of political power and control.
Our advice to these masqueraders is to stop peddling fat lies to Zambians since many citizens know their true characters as men of tested hypocrisy who wouldn’t hesitate to rob their own supporters or confidants.
We say this basing our conclusion on their betrayal of President Lungu who trusted these turncoats not knowing they were wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Zambian political history has had defectors many who left the party silently without insisting that though they had left, they were still members of the parties they had left.
This behaviour cries out to the God of Abraham and Isaac for an explanation since it is nauseating and abhorrent.

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