‘Rollout pour flush toilets’,
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RESIDENTS in Kabwe’s Makululu Township have called for a rollout of pour flush toilets, a sanitation project aimed at replacing pit latrines with flushable ones in areas not connected to piped water.
Envirosan Sanitation Solution  and Rocla Sanitation, both of South Africa have  partnered with Sinakho Consulting Zambia Limited to install pour environmentally friendly toilets in Makululu under the hospices of Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company (LgWSC).
The pour flush toilets are easy to install and operate as they use a minimum of two liters of water to flush direct from a jar, unlike the popular flushable toilets that require piped water and a cistern to operate.
Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company and LgWSC have expressed interest to adopt the project and roll it out on a large scale in many shanty townships where pit latrines are common.
Makululu market development chairperson Jackson Mofya said the modern toilets were crucial in the fight against cholera and other diarrheal disease in Makululu.
“These toilets are indeed a modern technology and we need a lot of them in Makululu because many people here are struggling to have a proper toilet because they cannot afford to build,” he said.
Blackson Nyirongo one of the beneficiaries from the pour flush toilets said the Government should consider funding the installation of the toilets for every household.
“I am told these are cheap than pit latrines and I just want to thank the Government for allowing these people to come and show us these toilets and my appeal is that let everyone have this toilet because it’s a good sanitation,” said 86-year-old.
Envirosan managing director Brian Lewis said the pour flush technology is a huge step towards bridging the sanitation gaps currently faced by many countries particularly, their local authorities.
Mr Lewis said three million toilets have been installed in South Africa and the company has broadened its market by reaching Mozambique, Zimbabwe and some countries in west Africa.
“We have been in this business since 2006 and we have done over three million; for a long time now we have realised that there is an opportunity and way to change and bridge that gap in sanitation,” he said.

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