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Published On February 2, 2018 » 1481 Views» By Evans Musenya Manda » Football, Sports
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IT looks like there is no ending to the soap opera at the Vodafone Woodlands Stadium as everyday brings a new twist to an already complex storyline.
The warring factions have continued going at it issuing threats, statements and disparaging remarks towards each other that has left sports reporters even during dry days uninterested because it is plain for everyone to see that individuals involved are self centred.
City of Lusaka has become the comedian’s favourite punchline. I dare ask who is benefiting from all the confusion taking place at Vodafone Woodlands Stadium?
The latest episode saw the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Andrew Kamanga’s name dragged through the mud as the factions try to gain some leverage from the name.
The Justin Zulu led faction claimed the FAZ boss is a paid up member through their group while Simataa Simataa headed City of Lusaka 2000 PLC accused him of funning the confusion at Woodlands.
Its no secret the relationship between Kamanga and Simataa has broken down beyond repair and the daggers are out. But that a topic for another day.
Here is what is really concerning about the whole City saga. There has been little effort made by the authorities to resolve the impasse except for that one meeting called by the minister that did nothing.
It is clear those egoistic executives at City of Lusaka will not be able to resolve this dispute on their own. FAZ have been watching the drama from the side lines but the club is losing each passing day.
Now the name of the president has been dragged into the middle of the confusion.
FAZ should at least be proactive and engage these factions to at least try find a solution because no matter how they try not get involved they are the football governing authority in this country. City is their jurisdiction.
Just the other day a letter surfaced from CAF asking FAZ to preside over the impasse as the Simataa led faction jumped the gun in writing to CAF over club licensing issues. So the back stops at FAZ by the end of the day.
Let me propose a more extreme road map to ending this City of Lusaka feud. Give them a time frame to sort out their issues or ban the executives involved if they fail.
FIFA took over the running of Cameroon Football Association (FECAFOOT) after football was in crisis in that country. FAZ can either ban these individuals or take over the running of the club until everything is normalize because they look incapable of resolving this dispute on their own.
The new soccer season is on the horizon and for a football club that was relegated to the lower tier, a lot needs to be done before kickoff and time has already been wasted on boardroom politics. FAZ save City from self destruction.
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