When satanist temples go public
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Deliverance from demonic bondage is a biblical blessing by which people are set free from spiritual imprisonment which has a bearing on all areas of human life – but various popular forms are actually increasing demonic possession.
Essentially, spiritual deliverance compares to a surgical operation in which growths or foreign bodies are taken out of the physical body; which reflects to a degree what deliverance does to the spirit-man.
Surgical operations are not for public spectacle, and are not carried out in the open ward in full view of other patients and their visitors. The applause and noisy atmosphere that attends many deliverance ministries runs parallel to what spiritual deliverance essentially is.
In a normal, serious deliverance situation, visitors, spectators or analysts will not be permitted. The only persons who would be present without directly participating in casting out demonic powers are intercessors; persons groomed and trained to pray for the whole process to end beneficially.
In our time, we see deliverance of seemingly serious cases of demonic oppression, suppression, repression and possession taking place in full view of people who are there only to watch.
In fact the people present will be encouraged to watch what is going on; as opposed to a scenario where people present will be urged to pray so that the person undergoing deliverance is fully set free by the Holy Spirit.
Instead of praying and taking matters solemnly, people attending a deliverance session in this day and age are seen to laugh and amuse themselves. Deliverance has become a matter of entertainment, which, after it has ended, gives people many anectodes to go and talk about.
There are several reasons why spectators should not be permitted at deliverance sessions:
• The risk of demons attacking those spectators who are weak in spirit and in faith is high;
• The risk of demons fleeing from one soul (house) in which they reside into any of those spectators is high;
• The victims of demonic possession will fall into embarrassing situations and may even be physically (sexually)         exposed, which is unpleasant and demeaning; and
• The ability of people to see Jesus Christ and be drawn to Him can be minimized.
The last point arises from this, that there are many people who roam from one deliverance event to another.
According to admissions of the same spectators and wanderers, some want to be touched so that they may fall, as if falling by itself is the ultimate experience in Christ.
Some of them want to manifest (display) demons in their souls and wonder why that is not happening.
Some want to receive a word that will change everything in their lives from the great man (or woman) of God. Christ is not the issue in all this.
But then there is a dimension that the writer came across fairly recently.
There are people who take the time to watch free-to-air television channels, with an eye on deliverance ministries so as to learn how demons operate. I did not know about this dimension until we prayed for one family.
The deliverance and miraculous works that certain men and women of God are performing in many congregations are in themselves revealing. You do not need to look far and wide to discover that they are out to teach and spread Satanism.
Mature but desperate women have attended churches where they have all been told to take off bras and other underwear so that the Holy Spirit may have free entrance into their souls. They have obeyed, with the thinking that their needs will be met.
Some women have taken off underpants not under concealed conditions but right in front of the congregation with everyone observing.
Photographic and video images of all these practices are in circulation.
Note that the front of every congregation constitutes an altar; therefore if a mature woman will accept to undress right at the altar there is a different thing happening.
Either that woman has come under a spell or is a part of something satanic that the so-called church is doing.
Is there an agreement among a group of people, to set up a temple to Satan, name it like a church and attract seekers who will be initiated into a lifestyle devoid of moral restraints and sensitivities?
If you will see women undress right in front, undies showing and taken off, what mentality will you leave that temple with?
One pastor has purported to heal dumb women by kissing them right in front of the church. Another lies on top of them the way it happens when sexual intercourse is going to take place.
Note that in a Satanist Temple proper (the Church of Satan started in San Francisco in 1966 and California in 1969), the priest initiates girls and women by having sex with them on the altar. By that means demons are passed from him to those new members.
This very idea is being subtly transmitted around Africa through many ministries that are not being questioned for their fetish behaviours which are drawing people into pagan sex worship and witchcraft in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Again, the many images are circulating.
Deliverance need not have the man or woman of God conversing with a demon for an hour – in the hearing of the congregation – and even laughing with that spirit! But that is happening.
In the end, the congregants will return home having heard not the Word of God but the voices of evil and lying demon spirits. A sinister seed will have been planted into the soul of that person who went to church and absorbed everything that was not Jesus Christ.
There is no deliverance happening there; there is a mass initiation into demonic possession and sexual bondage for those who are present to passively or actively participate.
We should no longer speak merely about false prophets, but about satanist temples that have gone public to initiate the naive and the ignorant into relationships with demons.
If you want to seriously excavate this matter, go into the old, old videos of some of the currently popular deliverance and miracle-working names. You will see that some of them have merely refined their manners and polished their presentations; but they are originally there to spread demonic possession.
The Apostle Paul asked a question which in our time is overloaded with meaning. In the first three verses of Galatians 3, he asks his readers if after beginning with the Holy Spirit, they now are relying on human effort to advance and excel in Christ.
The one question he asks is all-important (Galatians 3:1). “You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?”
Who has bewitched us Africans? Who has bewitched us Zambians? For the excesses on display in many churches are demonstrations of witchcraft, and of initiation of many innocent seekers into witchcraft.
Jesus spoke of believers having faith as small as a mustard seed that can uproot a mountain and cast it into the sea.
But many would rather ride on the back of someone else who in their thinking has that mustard seed faith, and in the process do anything and everything that they are told to do.
One lady, now deceased, who was pursuing a masters in theology asked for my views on prophetic ministry today. I told her that prophetic gifts are biblical and therefore legitimate; only that as believers we need to guard against veering towards witchcraft by accommodating practices not commended or taught by Scripture.
Note that theological witchcraft comes in the form of syncretism; where various religions or lines of spiritual teaching are combined or harmonized.
If you look at the Bible, there are many ancient ‘versions’ of it which have accommodated spiritual thought from different sources – some of the popular prophets today are quoting heavily from such books. And because those sources are ‘near’ the Bible because the people who wrote them were ‘near’ the apostles, they sound good and legit.
If there is both wheat and chaff in the congregations, there is wheat and chaff in the pulpits. It is for you to use good sense to decide whether you are closer to Jesus or to spirits of darkness since you started associating with such and such a church.
Genuine deliverance does not humiliate people; it does not disgrace people; it does not expose people’s issues or bodies to the public; it does not compel people to do abnormal and mindless acts. Jesus loves people too much to deal with us in such a manner.
The first epistle of Peter is full of the injunction “be sober.” In the King James Version 1 Peter 1:13 says, “Gird up the loins of your mind, be sober.”
That Old English means “pull up the garments of your mind,” meaning that you clothe and guard your mind. The New International Version says “Prepare your minds for action.”
It is a time to be sober and thoughtful, so that you do not fall into Lucifer’s control all because you entered into his temple and exposed your soul unawares.
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