EL’s projects inspection commendable
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One of the key indicators to development is an improved living conditions for the citizens.
No development can be considered meaningful if people are not having the basic needs of life. 
And every government should do all it can to keep stock of what the citizens are going through so they know what areas need touching to improve the conditions of living.
It is because of this that the inspection of government projects by President Edgar Lungu is commendable. 
Not only will the president see how quick or slow the projects are but will learn of other needs critically wanted by the people whom he was elected to serve.
President Lungu’s recent visit to Zambezi district of North-Western Province has revealed the need for more of such visits.
Some issues raised have been heart-wrenching details like deplorable accommodation for key staff like teachers.
In a rare show of unity between the Lundas and Luvales, the two parties, usually at odds, presented the president with some needs they so badly need.
Speaking on behalf of the five traditional rulers, Senior Chief Ishindi said inadequate accommodation for teachers and lack of boarding schools in some parts of the district had seen the affected teachers and pupils to rent shebeens.
So displeasing as this may be, it is happening and unfortunate but it’s good the president went out and seen or heard these things first hand.
Besides the accommodation poser, telecommunication signal had led some residents in the district to climb trees or stand on top of anthills for them to communicate via mobile phones.
Hilarious as this sounds, a visit to these areas proves this right and good that the president went there and would have to address these issues that people need to live a better life.
Also, lack of police presence in areas had led to criminal activities to the point of attacking people suspected of practising witchcraft.
Also raised is the fact that while the area has A high school, it had limited accommodation and no boarding facilities for learners who were coming from distant areas.
“It is a full secondary school with only two teachers’ houses. There are 23 teachers, but only two teachers’ houses. There is no boarding, all the boys live in shebeens in the villages. We feel this thing has been there for the last 10 years,” Chief Ishindi said.
These are pertinent core issues that need addressing but may never come to the president’s attention without such visits to bring first hand information.
We encourage the president to come up with more or such deliberate system of visiting areas and ensure other areas needing development are tackled.

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