Let us all be peacemakers
Published On August 2, 2021 » 398 Views» By Times Reporter » Opinion
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THE increasing political violence as the country prepares for the August 12 elections is worrying as innocent lives are lost because of the selfishness of some political leaders desperate for power at any cost.
It is sad to see the hate that continues to exist between supporters of the political parties to the extent that these supporters are ready to do anything for their leaders and sadly this includes killing just to protect their party name.
The violence that has continues to escalate in the country is increasingly becoming a source of worry overshadowing the declaration of the One Zambia, One Nation motto which has united this country from the time Zambia gained independence.
What has suddenly happened to the Christian teachings of love thy neighbour as thy self?
This is the same teachings that even President Edgar Lungu emphasised on during the burial of First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda, who coined the motto, that there was need for Zambians to embrace the peace and unity which has seen the country admired for world over.
Thus, yesterday’s prayers by the church continue to ne timely.
Blame games would not help end these political fights and a lot is expected from the various political leaders to ensure their carders stop attacking each other’s camps but simply preach peace and love.
All players in the political cycle should come forward and pronounce the violence unlike pretending in the public to be against violence when in fact in the back ground they were in the forefront of propagating this kind of cruelty.
As heard from the church yesterday, political intimidation produces no winners but problems and in this case in relation to the Kanyama incident resulted in the deaths of two people.
The people that died had families who will be left to carry the burden these unnecessary political fights have left while people who instigate these battles remain alive and in their comfort of their homes while families are left with the anguish to bury their beloved ones.
Today more than ever Zambians need to realise the need to build the peace that has been enjoyed in these past years and should not allow selfish politicians to use them for their own gain.
The peace that has been enjoyed has made Zambia to become a beckon of peace and Zambians should accept to be used by politicians but should take up the role of peacemakers and lead the way to maintain peace and uphold the tenets o democracy of good governance.
Respect for human rights should be upheld and accepting that people have a choice to choosing a political party of their choice and should not be forced to support a certain political party resulting in deaths if failure to agree.
Zambians should take heed of lessons from countries that have been engulfed in war which has come at a high cost.
People die for political freedom, just like our forefathers did in order for Zambia to attain its independence from the colonial masters but no one should die for exercising their democratic freedom.
We expect the church’s prophetic voice to continue to be heard loudly during this period for the common good of Zambia, the African continent and rest of the world in order to help better people’s lives who are scared currently going by what is happening.
There is need for the church mother bodies to lead the way and help promote harmony and unity in the country because this is the only the country can continue to thrive and hold elections in a peaceful manner.
What transpired in Kanyama should not happen anywhere else and onus would be on the political leaders to ensure that they educate their members on the need to carry out campaigns in a peaceful manner even when they differ in views with other parties.
Zambia does not need such anymore bloodshed and political players must educate their carders to exercise maximum restraint even when provoked by other parties and allow the law to take its course.
We only have One Zambia and the price of violence might prove too costly and no one deserves to die in such a manner.
Zambia continues to be admired as a hub of peace and this must be guarded jealously because a lot of people fought for the generation of today to enjoy their sweat and blood.

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