Sata right about Constitution
Published On March 4, 2014 » 1185 Views» By Diran Chama » Letters to the Editor
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President Sata

President Sata

ALLOW me space in your newspaper to air my comments.
I agree with President Michael Sata when he said the Constitution making process has been high-jacked by some opposition leaders and by some church leaders, who in one way or the other do not like the President.
Imagine a CEO appoints a team to analyse why sales are low, after the exercise where does the report go?
Does the report go to customers where information came from or it’s the appointing authority?
In the same way, the report from the draft Constitution committe has to be handed to the President so that he can check whether it conforms to guidelines and if it carries what the public had submitted.
It’s a pity some opposition leaders want to look clever because they are not capable to mobilise support want to do it through the constitution making process when it is not necessary and shamefully some churches have followed blindingly.
Has the Government said it won’t release the constitution?
We know some opposition leaders want to see to it that 50%+1 pass through and they think they would be presidents through working with others.
It won’t work we know who to vote for.
Even if we are pushing for the release of the constitution it’s not everything that is perfect,e.g Vice President clause,take a leaf from Malawian Joyce Banda who was vice president as running mate but was frustrated and sidelined the whole period, now is that what we want?
In my view, the new constitution should not be rushed because we shall find ourselves again reviewing within a year.
Why should people plan to demonstrate when you haven’t even sat down with Governmentt?
In my view, we need to push for lowering the prices of mealie meal because even if we enact the constitution now prices will remain same.
Please let’s dialogue and stop the unruly behaviour by MPs.

Shika 2014

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