Ministers should help Sata deliver
Published On March 19, 2014 » 1249 Views» By Moses Kabaila Jr: Online Editor » Letters to the Editor
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LAST week President Michael Sata made seven cabinet reshuffles which are welcome though I could have appreciated much if the President brought Prof Nkandu Luo at Local government this ministry has collapsed.
Councils have all policies and procedures that should be implemented but have failed.
One of the things that made people to change government was to see change in the way councils provide services to the community.
For instance in Ndola, I really do not know what the council is doing because we have seen bars operating without lavatories.
We have also seen butcheries selling rotten meat yet health inspectors are there and drawing a salary, what for? We have also seen markets operating without lavatories.
Then one wonders why councils are there, is it only to sell plots questionably? Worse still they issue plots without even providing services that are required why?
Here the council has exposed itself that it has no expertise.
How can we continue having same problems year in year out do we have the right people in offices? Through councils citizens feel the presence of government, but with these issues around, I don’t know.
The only thing that Ndola Council has achieved is cleaning of town and collection of levies because these are the easiest things to do.
Please ministers help the President to deliver and let people feel the change!

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