Story of pregnant 13-year-old girl sad
Published On January 23, 2014 » 2259 Views» By Hildah Lumba » Letters to the Editor
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I write in reference to the story about a 13-year-old girl who was rescued from an early marriage that was published in your Thursday edition on 23 January 2014.

In the story, there was no mention of arrest of the culprit for charges of incest or for defilement. Could it be that this is only considered a crime in towns and not villages?

A 13-year-old girl is not a fully grown woman and so her bone structure is still developing.

Her height at 13 is not full and so even her womb is not fully developed, let alone her pelvis which is the main support of a baby at pregnancy.

Can you, therefore, imagine the physical damage to the physiological makeup of that child when a baby starts to grow inside that tiny body. What happens to her still young and fragile spine with the full weight of pregnancy. What happens to her little pelvis during child delivery not to mention the present damage to her tiny body from penetration?

I challenge the police and law enforcement agencies to arrest the culprit and bring him to book before he commits a similar crime.

Further, the victim should be monitored during her torturous pregnancy till delivery and all physical damage that will come upon her little body should be added as charges of injury or deformity caused as a result of that mans selfishness when handing him sentence.

Of course at birth the hospital may have to use caesarian section. But what about the physical damage that will definitely happen as that fetus grows inside.

I want all those with daughters to imagine if this was their child. What would you do to such a man?

Just grab the girl and put her in protective custody and that is all. The father who tolerated this nonsense should be arrested and charged along with the man.

The police in Chief Singani’s area are herein informed of this atrocious crime. Rise to the call.

Daisy S Muleya


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