We have to live Christ-like to be true christians
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The Last Word“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
Mahatma Ghandi
Since those intrepid but condescending missionaries came to Africabraving hostile tribes and rugged terrains  to convert ‘savages’ to Christianity,the religion has flourished  encompassing the whole continent.
However, from the onset,the  introduction of Christianity to black Africa has greatly been distorted not to talk of the hypocrisy on part of the missionaries and later the converts themselves  who have adopted a brand of Christianity that is divorced from Christ’s teachings.
The early missionaries broke one cardinal rule that Christ manifested-humility. These brood of vipers were patronizing and aloof usually considering their converts as inferior.
The dominant Christian view by the end of the Middle Ages was that non-Europeans were lesser human beings.
The Roman Catholic Church debated for a long time whether newly-discovered peoples who included Africans were even human to deserve salvation.
The problem was that there was no way of establishing whether or not they possessed souls. Native peoples of the Americas were a particular problem because they clearly had a high culture of their own, and the Roman Catholic Church debated with itself for a long time over their exact nature.
The long-term solution was to import slaves bought in Africa. No one in Christendom seems to have bothered about the morality of enslaving Africans. If fact these Christians used the Bible to justify  slavery by misinterpreting the holy book even inventing the Ham myth of blacks being hewers of wood and drawers of water.
The early missionaries failed to humblethemselves  like Christ whom they were propagating.  Prior to Jesus Christ coming, the Greek philosophers despised humility as a character trait because it implied weakness, inadequacy and worthlessness.
The word was always used in a bad or inferior sense.
This however is not the meaning defined in the Bible and so completely illustrated by Christ’s life.
Apart from failing to be humble as Christ was, Christianity has promoted the holier-than-thou attitude towards non-Christians, another glaring hypocritical feature that is blatantly un-Christ-like.
This attitude led to terminologies like’ gentiles’ or’ pagan’ to describe non-Christians as opposed to Jews when in actual sense our good Lord Jesus Christ welcomes everyone his kingdom. In certain instances this segregation has worked against Jews themselves birthing Anti-Semitism.
Surprisingly, anti-Semitism is characteristically Christian. Hatred of the Jews had been nurtured by the Church for centuries, and was opposed by freethinkers and yet traditional Christian teachings have been anti-Semitic.
Jews were persecuted for centuries by the mainstream Churches using exactly the same arguments, and drawing exactly the same conclusions, as the Nazis did later.
Many anti-Semitic racist groups still flourish on a diet of Christianity, and affirming Christian belief is a membership requirement in most of them throughout the western world. Some even swear their allegiance using the Bible!
Even what would have been a well-meaning ecclesiastical intervention of evangelizing black Africa  by missionaries has been marred by racism on the part of colonial masters most of the who were Christians who worked hand in hand with evangelists.
The belief of European Christians that other races were inferior led to colonisation and large-scale abuse of these poor ‘gentiles.’
The extirpation of native peoples in the Americas, Australasia, and elsewhere was of little consequence since these peoples were only pagans and might not even possess souls.
They were slaves by nature. God had made them like that. Christian scholars and pseudo-scientists concurred. Sample non-Christians were kept in Western zoos in the nineteenth century.
There was an Australian aborigine in London Zoo. A Congolese pygmy named Ota Benga shared a cage with an orang-utan in the Bronx Zoo as late as 1906.
Colonisation by European powers was justified since it was seen as a God-given opportunity for spreading the gospel to the heathen who were lesser beings.
It was a Christian duty, even when it led to the deaths of millions.
Churches were often guilty of collaboration in exterminations and atrocities resulting from colonial policy. For example King Leopold was granted control of the Congo in 1885 explicitly to bring Christianity to the unenlightened heathen.
The atrocities perpetrated by his government in the Belgian Congo — the extensive use of slave labour and assorted murderous practices — were first concealed then minimised by the Roman Church.
In South Africa, the apartheid system included a compliant Church that justified the evil regime as being God’s arrangement. Through the 1960s the Dutch Reformed Church claimed biblical authority for the practice of apartheid, and no other Church had seriously opposed it.
As Dr Verwoerd, the Prime Minister of South Africa had said “We did what God wanted us to do’’.
Since the end of the 1960’s that saw great strides in ending racism, the only remaining confirmed white supremacists in the world were usually Christians.
The uncompromising of white supremacists in South Africa are still strong Christians, as are those in other countries.
In the United Kingdom  the only political party that required a member to be Christian is the racist British National Party (BNP). In America it was Christians with outdated views kept alive the Ku Klux Klanthat was responsible for lynching of several African Americans.
The well-known cowls and robes worn by members of the group are traditional attire of Christian penitents and pilgrims.
Shockingly the Christian cross plays a crucial role in the clandestine activities of klansmen who also proudly wear the emblem on their robes, and use burning crosses to encourage a fear of God.
The members also raise money for churches and donate bibles to schools in what they call Christian Crusades.
The brand of Christianity that we are seeing in our society largely copied from African American pastors and Nigerian clergyman is also raising eyebrows since it is far from what Jesus Christ teaches in the Bible.
This clique of clergymen especially those in Pentecostal churches have turned churches into temples of doom through their emphasis on material wealth while robbing the congregants blind.
In Nigeria the same Pastors who bless scratch card for lotto punters peddle Jesus on Sunday speaking in fake American accents and fly to America to buy designer crap with money stolen from the doubly dispossessed.
Why anyone would make offering of money they do not have so that these pastors may live in sinful opulence is beyond me. What manner of God will allow this pillage?
Lets go back to the Bible and study what Jesus Christ, the son of the living God of Israle preached to get back on the spiritual track. Christianity is in need of conversion if we are to avoid going to hell.

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