Legalising illegality
Published On October 9, 2015 » 1813 Views» By Davies M.M Chanda » Columns, Sports
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Sport On - Chipepo newI am certain that the suspension of two of the world’s football powerful men has sent shivers across the globe and more especially those linked with the corruption scandals that engulfed the beautiful game.
There is need to seriously reflect on the happenings in FIFA as it shows that no one is untouchable despite what position or influence they have in the world. Who thought a year ago that the likes of FIFA
president Sepp Blatter and UEFA president Michel Platini can face suspensions?
Football has for some time enjoyed freedom from investigating agencies to probe how various money’s came and was used with African Governments putting in money into associations but without proper
Thus, hope the investigations at FIFA can equally spread to all associations so that there can be accountability on how certain monies was accessed and used especially by those mentioned in the corrupt dealings.
This is why the councillors attending tomorrow’s ‘reconvened’ FAZ annual general meeting need to seriously ensure that they guard against the constitution being breached.
The ‘reconvened’ AGM is supposed to look at the ‘restructuring of the league’ an agenda item that was not part of the March 28 AGM held in Kabwe and nowhere near the Northern Province Amateur Football Association (NOPAFA) proposal.
I am not against the restructuring but rather the manner in which the process is being done.
For those who missed the action, NOPAFA had proposed that the Division North and South leagues be restructured to avoid playoffs but the motion was overwhelmingly defeated via a majority vote.
On its Facebook Page on March 28, FAZ posted. ‘FAZ AGM UPDATE: The proposal by Northern Province to “Restructure Division One North and South to avoid play offs” for the lower teams aiming to go in to the said divisions, has been defeated.
‘Those for the proposals were 85, while those against were 157. Now being debated: Nchanga Rangers and Afrisport proposals to amend the constitution on qualifications of future FAZ Presidential candidates’.
This in its simplest terms meant that the agenda item had fallen off and cannot be discussed during tomorrow’s ‘reconvened’ AGM as guided by the constitution.
Athletic FC chairperson Chisenga Pule, moved the motion that the proposal made by NOPAFA should not be adopted there and then but that, instead, a committee comprising the league organising committee and the affected provinces be constituted to look at the issue in depth before the meeting was closed.
Thus, it will be incumbent on those attending this AGM to see to it that only the agenda items that were pushed forward are entertained and not trying to legalise an illegality.
But most importantly, there is need for unity to prevail after the AGM with football, not individual selfish interests, emerging as winner. Let not selfish individuals bring down the good name of the game by abrogating the constitution.
It will be prudent for the councillors not to set a bad precedence that might come to harm the beautiful game in future.
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