‘FAZ in a capsule’
Published On November 22, 2015 » 2716 Views» By Hildah Lumba » Columns, Sports
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Scorecard - ShamsThat was my initial reaction to the recent happenings at Football House, especially with the revelations by one Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) former treasurer in the form of Kelvin Mutafu.
Though it’s no laughing matter, the information brought out is so serious that it will shake structures as this puts more light to matters people have been asking for over a period of time and questions on FAZ dealings.
Match tickets are airlifted into the country in sacks (another lol) when there are companies in the country that can easily make them, the Nike deal never got renewed because of a dubious move from inside Football House and that’s not a joking matter.
There is a string of matters that were brought out which make sad reading and especially that they are coming from a very senior officer means there is something seriously wrong going on.
Though Mutafu will be chastised especially when you tap from the hugely venomous statement issued by FAZ regarding his revelations and an emergency meeting inside 72 hours, people can see through FAZ now.
It also brings Zurich to mind where the FIFA is under heavy scrutiny over several dubious payments and dealings to be now under investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) over corruption which led to the all mighty President Joseph Sepp Blatter stepping down and other senior ranking officials incarcerated.
FAZ now looks like FIFA in a capsule, packaged in smaller quantity.
FAZ will now have to come clean about all matters raised and not rushing to call Mutafu names.
Mutafu will soon be pushed off the cliff but the matters brought out will have to be clarified and I hope the wind goes up to CAF where the television rights are hugely scandalous.
Try out some transparency.
And now about Mutafu, in as much as he is a whistleblower, his actions and timing raise questions about what his agenda really is.
As a gatekeeper, holding a senior position of treasurer, he should have stopped all those wrong doings he has complained about.
If he had seen that things were not going the right way, he was should have stepped down from the start and explained why he was stepping down.
Good for him to resign but he acted rather in a reverse-mode, he started with a wrong move before engaging the right one and this puts bad light on him and his leadership qualities.
Does Mr Mutafu know anything called Collective Responsibility?  This is when you make decision as a group, whether good or bad and you
stand by them as a group. If you are opposed, you get out from the start and not disown the decisions only when things go sour.
He also spoke of the MTN deal saying it was FAZ’s ploy to keep money with Super League sides and make lower divisions sides poor. I know that MTN Zambia refused to take money to the lower divisions because their interest is the Super Division which is watched across Africa via SuperSport.
I think it is better Mutafu is careful to whom he listens to and also get to use the correct forum to fight,  which, in this case, should have been from inside the executive and speak out during meetings. For comments: shamsmuzo@gmail.com

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