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Scorecard - ShamsSO the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) have replaced Kelvin Mutafu, the former treasurer who quit after making corruption allegations on the institution, with Rix Mweemba, a former treasurer in the Teddy Mulonga regime.
I welcome to the fold Mr Mweemba, who clearly stated that he has been in football for a long time and knows what is at stake and is ready for the challenge.
I am encouraged that Mweemba has stated that he would endeavour to enhance income generation as well as put in place strict financial controls at Football House.
That statement will excite everyone interested in football and good corporate governance especially looking at troubles going on in FAZ.
The FAZ is being visited by bailiffs, raided by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), officials quitting on corruption allegations and now the executive members are appearing before the Anti-Corruption Commission.
That is a lot of trouble to walk into and Mweemba better be ready to face the challenge ahead.
He could have been in the position years back but a lot has happened and changed since then with FAZ handling a lot more money and having a lot more deals.
Not that Mweemba can not handle books of accounts, he has an impeccable record at Kaleya Smallholders Company Limited, a thriving sugarcane out-grower scheme in Mazabuka, but there is just something touchy about the FAZ deals.
While the resignation of Mutafu and his allegations are still fresh in people’s minds, there is a an older lingering story where up to four executives resigned and a look at their reasons for resignation-the same Nike deal Mutafu spoke about.
Then Vice-president Emmanuel Munaile, and three committee members Pivoty Simwanza, Violet Bwalya and Henschel Chitembeya all quit because there was a transparency issue at FAZ regarding the sponsorship deals and especially the Nike one.
So as Mweemba walks into the hot seat, he should realise that all eyes will be on him and how he executes his function especially that he would be the key man regarding monies of such deals.
It’s everyone’s hope that his experience, so exalted in his appointment statement, will bring an end to this and encourage openness in the FAZ.
Bravo! Winston Kalengo for the three awards picked up at the MTN-FAZ Awards night at Radisson Blu Hotel in Lusaka, these are awards really deserved as he played better than anyone in the country.
Further appealing is his determination and hunger for more success, which should be a lesson to younger Zambian players not to chase fame but perfection on the pitch which will automatically bring the fame that has come Kalengo’s way at the age of 30.
The only downside to Kalengo’s performance over the last year is his age. We only wish he was at least five years younger.
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