Putin’s stance on Syria good
Published On March 23, 2016 » 3368 Views» By Davies M.M Chanda » Letters to the Editor
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. Putin

. Putin

It is good that Russia recently announced the withdrawal of its troops from Syria.
This is the right step towards observing the ceasefire agreement in the Arab country.
It is good that Russia has contributed to bringing stability in Syria by enhancing the government’s efforts to fight the terrorists.
Russian President Vladmir Putin exhibited great professionalism, courage and heroism by allowing the Russian soldiers and officers to take part in the military action to counter ISIS and other terrorists.
Russia has not only shown its extensive commitment to help in the fight against terrorism, but has also provided humanitarian aid and assistance to the Syrian civilian population.
There is need to find a lasting solution to the problem in Syria and the international community should help in doing so.
Terrorists should never have space anywhere and should be fought with maximum force.
At this point, it is expected that there will be no pointing of fingers among the super powers. It is hoped that they will instead work together to ensure that the war in Syria comes to an end.
It also makes sad reading that terrorists are also targeting Belgium where of late, a number of attacks have been carried out with the recent ones being a series of explosions that ripped through Brussels airport and  a metro station.
There is need for all countries especially those with military prowess to work together and clamp down on these terrorists who are on the loose.
There is need for more collaboration between all the giants so that such atrocities are stopped.

James Lungu

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