GBM should preach peace
Published On March 23, 2016 » 3434 Views» By Davies M.M Chanda » Letters to the Editor
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. Mwamba

. Mwamba

I READ with sadness the story which was recently published in the Times of Zambia where United Party for National Development (UNPD) vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba is said to have been recorded urging cadres to hit back when attacked.
It is sad that a person who even served this great nation as Defence minister can be in the forefront perpetrating violence.
Mr Mwamba as a leader should be the one preaching peace instead of issuing inflamatory statements.
It is such statements that are capable of igniting war in the country and should be stopped at all costs as Zambia goes to the polls in August.
Zambia usually experiences isolated cases of political violence but that should not warrant a senior leader of the opposition political party to instigate it.
I, as a patriotic Zambian and others, expect our leaders to be preaching peace, unity and reconciliation as the country goes to the polls to elect new leaders.
I expect Mr Mwamba and his colleagues in the UPND to take advantage of the indaba to be called by the Church to discuss ways of dealing with the problem of political violence.
How are leaders going to lead if there is violence? Definitely the situation won’t be conducive.
It is therefore important that when issues of violence are being addressed, they are done once and for all.
Zambia has enjoyed peace since independence and it is the wish of us youths that the country continues on this path so that we can also enjoy in this great country.

Sally Lulanga

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