Top priorities in career selection
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Talking EducationFOR the past month I have been discussing the importance of career selection. I talked about various factors that need to be considered in career selection such as the three important factors that every career represents; identity, influence and affluence, role of teachers in helping school leavers and parental guidance where I discussed reasons why parents should not force children in picking careers they are not passionate about, but offer appropriate guidance.
However, every school leaver should be given an opportunity to pick his or her preferable career. This week I am discussing the key factors to consider in picking careers.
What does God want you to become? It is true some people do not consider this to be of a great deal, but I do.
This is paramount, when you look at natural strength and interest which God has deposited in you they can help you in understanding what God destined you to become.
I should state that God will not push you in pursuing a career you may not like or being passionate about-he is a loving God.
Besides, there are manifold of careers that God will tell you it is fine you can go for. His main interest is that whatever career you will pursue, it should bring glory to Him.
He has given you intellect and free will. He will respect any career that you will pursue as long as the ultimate goal is to give Him glory and bless his children.
This does not substitute the fact that you seek God’s will for your career in prayer. Soak yourself in prayer, talk to Him and He will say Yes you can go for it for my child.
You will live a fulfilled life if you became what God created you to become. Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, God had destined your future and He is so interested in bringing it to perfection.
You are a girl or boy, it is important to seek his face whenever you want to pursue a career, He has wired you differently and there are certain careers you can easily fit in based on the way He has made you.
I have heard people change their careers from a lawyer to a pastor, reason they had no peace.
There is something in you that is so different and can easily push you into a certain field. Your personality speaks volume concerning which career you easily fit in.
Your personality is very important before you pursue a career where you will be a thorn in the flesh to those around you.
Where is your passion? In every human being there are dreams to become something great. Hence people mostly pick careers that will make them such. However, your dream should coalesced with passion.
There is more joy and excitement in pursuing things that you are passionate about. I have been always passionate about young people.
No wonder, teaching has suited me well, I still believe I could have not been gladder if I did not pursue this career.
Your natural strength, I strongly believe is the most important factor you need to consider. There are subjects that you are naturally good at, be it from natural science, social science, languages or commercial subjects.
If you are a school leaver, there were instances when you performed very well in your tests, even in the final examinations you had done far much better in those subjects compared to others.
I know there are some of you who have six points and it is like you are naturally good in all subjects.
However, if you remember well during your secondary education there were those subjects that you prepared and studied with less difficulties.
If your strength was in social sciences I recommend you pursue a course in the related field, the case remains the same if you were good at commercial subjects or natural science subjects.
If you pursue a career in the related field, you will be more successful and likely to complete your course at the stipulated time.
Financial muscle of your parents will also affect your career choice. Their sizeable income cannot allow them to sponsor you for some ‘lucrative’ careers which will demand a lot from them.
Most universities in Zambia allow individuals to pursue any faculty as long as they are ready to pay for themselves, of course with Grade 12 school certificate.
Imagine you wanted to study banking and finance at the Copperbelt University and you have been left out of the Government bursary, and you cannot afford to be under self-sponsorship. Sometimes, you may adjust doing a career which you can afford.
On the other hand your parents will advise you to pursue a career because they are ready to sponsor you and take you to any university in the world.
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