‘He failed to buy me underwear’
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From the courts LogoBy THANDIWE MOYO –

THE Kanyama local court heard how a married woman abandoned her husband on account that he could not manage to buy her food or ‘Kaputula’ (under pant).
Gertrude Kunda, 22, told the court that her husband Albert Daka was not responsible and that she was not interested in living with a man who was jobless.
This was a case in which Daka sued Kunda for marriage reconciliation after his wife deserted their matrimonial home.
Daka begged the court to compel his wife to go back home saying marriage should not only be about money but should thrive in all situations.
“I am not working yes, but that should not be the reason for disserting me. I love you more than ever before, please court, reconcile us,” he begged.
Kunda in response, refused to go back to the matrimonial home because she was engaged to a truck driver who was providing for her needs.
She said she opted to fall in love with a responsible man who helped her financially because her former husband was starving and mistreated her.
“This man used to leave me home without food and on some occasions, he would beat me for not finding food at home. I don’t even know where he expected me to find money and buy food for him,” she said.
In passing judgement the court dismissed the case since there was no marriage as the couple was just cohabiting.

‘She shaved me with washing powder’

A MAN of Chibombo has asked the Matero local court to dissolve the marriage after his wife burnt his private parts with washing powder.
Lovemore Bento, 30, of 10 miles in Chibombo District, said his wife, Annie Mwanza, 30, used washing powder to shave his pubic hair instead of bathing soap.
Bento said his wife later started refusing to have sex with him and accused him of having a sexually transmitted disease.
“When she saw that I had souls on my private parts she refused to have sex with me saying I was promiscuous,” he said.
He told the court that his wife nagged him in the night whenever the two had an argument forcing him to spend nights in the car.
“I always buy food for my wife. She has never bothered to prepare breakfast for me before going for work. She has now opted to shaving me with washing powder which has burnt my private parts. I don’t know if it was deliberate or not, I just want a divorce,” he said.
In defence Mwanza admitted using washing powder to shave her husband’s private parts because he had never bought soap from the time the two got married.
Mwanza also accused the husband of having a sexually transmitted infection hence her refusal to have sex with him since March this year.
The two appeared before Magistrate Lewis Mumba and Pauline Newa.
The court granted divorce and Bento was ordered to compensate his former wife with K7, 000 to be paid in instalments.

Man in court for beating wife over raw nshima

A THIRTY-ONE- YEAR-OLD woman has dragged her husband to court for beating her over raw nshima and for trying to find out who shaves his private parts.
Miriam Phiri of Lusaka’s Zingalume Township said her husband went home shaved on several occasions and refuses to eat her food on account of it being not well cooked.
She said on June 21, this year she prepared nshima for him and when he tasted it, he stopped eating claiming it was raw and as the duo continued exchanging words, she decided to ask who usually shaved him.
“It was at this point that he got upset and started beating me for asking him why he was not eating my food and coming home shaved,” she said.
This is a case where Phiri sued her husband Timothy Mwape, 30, of the same township for reconciliation after the two failed to resolve their marital disputes.
She said she was usually mocked by her husband’s relatives because she could not conceive and that her husband’s sisters told her to go back to her parent’s place and accused her of being barren.
In defence,  Mwape said he beats his wife because she went to chat with friends and prepared raw nshima.
Mwape said he loved his wife but the problem was that she usually went home late claiming she was going for prayers until 22:00 hours.
He said despite the problems they were faced with in their marriage, he was willing to reconcile on grounds that she stopped listening to her relatives who also accused him of being barren.
Magistrate Lewis Mumba sitting with Pauline Newa reconciled the couple and advised them to live in harmony.

Woman mocks husband

A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Chipata Township has described as foolish her husband’s decision to take a second wife and yet he is struggling to support her.
Rebecca Nakala, 51, told the court that his husband was incapable of caring for his first family and wondered why he wanted to marry another woman when he was financially crippled.
This is a case in which Nakala sued Godfrey Siame, 55, for divorce after the two failed to resolve their marital dispute.
“I can’t be in a polygamous marriage because I know that my husband is incapable of financially supporting two families and can’t even look after himself,” she said.
She also told the court that her husband was complaining that she was eating a lot and finished all the food in the house.
Nakala added that her husband was in the habit of deserting home and refused to have sex with her.
“My husband comes home shaved and refuses to have sex with me claiming that he was tired,” she said.
But in his statement Siame told the court that he was not ready for divorce because he was still in love with his wife.
“I know that my wife want to get married to another man hence the decision to kick me out of her life,” she said.
Lewis Mumba and Pauline Newa granted the two divorce and the man was ordered to compensate his former wife with K 8,000 to be paid in monthly instalments of K300.

Prayer exposes unfaithful housewife

A LUSAKA man has divorced his wife after a Pastor revealed that she was promiscuous and demon possessed.
Carlos Mwinga, 37, sued his wife Rose Nambeya, 28, of the same location following a prayer session which revealed that his wife was unfaithful.
Mwinga narrated that he had always doubted his wife’s movements and was not surprised when the named pastor of his church told him that she had been engaging in extra marital affairs.
“My wife had left home for one week to an unknown place, this prompted me to consult my local pastor and during prayers he revealed that she was having extra marital affairs,” he said.
He said at first he did not believe the pastor but when he asked his wife where she had gone, she just cried and said she was sorry a reason which was not convincing.
Mwinga said his wife later only revealed that she was spending nights with her lovers after he threatened to beat her.
“This is not the first time my wife had deserted our matrimonial home leaving me to sleep alone and at one point she was not sexually satisfied by one man and needed to have
multiple lovers to quench her sexual desires,” Mwinga said.
Mwinga said he could no longer stay in such a marriage and that he was tired of living with a promiscuous woman.
In defence, Nambeya agreed to all allegations leveled against her saying she was going for prayer sessions hoping to change.
She said she loved her husband and asked for forgiveness claiming she was being influenced by the devil.
In handing down judgement, magistrate Serah Nyendwa sitting with Daniel Phiri said it did not please the court to see couple’s divorcing on flimsy grounds and ordered Mwinga to resolve their issues by engaging families from both sides and the pastor.

Sex perversion, charms rock marriage

A MAN of Chipulukusu Township in Ndola has asked the Chipulukusu local court to divorce his marriage because of unresolved differences with his wife.
Peter Mwewa, 25, of Chipulukusu Township filed for divorce against his wife, Catherine Chilambo, 19, of the same area.
Mwewa alleged that when he and his wife got married in 2011, she requested that they should suck each other’s private parts as they made love.
He said that due to this behaviour, he had taken Chilambo back to her parent’s in Mansa for her to be counselled and upon her return, she apologised over her deeds.
Mwewa narrated that in the year 2012, Chilambo demanded that both have a blood covenant and this led to misunderstandings between them.
Chilambo in her defense narrated that Mwewa had requested for his manhood be sucked before having sex and each time she refused she would be beaten.
He said on one occasion she found Mwewa having sex with another woman under a tree and when she confronted him he said he was drunk.
She said that after the confrontation, he chased her from their home and this led to a separation of more than two years.
Chilambo said that even after the separation, he had not changed because he gets influence from his mother who dislikes her.
She said he had continued to beat her and requested that they start using charms of which she had refused and later demanded for their child to be a sacrifice for the charms.
Chilambo said that even when she he used to beat her even when she was pregnant and brought girlfriends to their home.
Presiding magistrate Agness Mulenga granted divorce and that a compensation of K4,000 paid to Chilambo.

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