Why homosexuality should not be legalised in Zambia (Part 2)
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Zambia urgently needs to rediscover and regain fatherhood. Under pro-gay environs, fathers and the role of fatherhood will vanish.
Largely because of the ravages of HIV/AIDS, estimated by UNAIDS to be at 17 per cent of the national population in 2006, many houses are headed by women or children.
The UNAIDS 2006 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic estimated that Zambia had about 710,000 AIDS orphans, of which over six per cent were homeless and less than one per cent were accommodated in orphanages.
UNICEF in 2008 estimated that Zambia had 13,000 street children and 20,000 child-headed households which were perhaps at greatest risk, but a great number of other children are similarly affected, with nearly 50 per cent of children aged between 7 and 14 engaged in economic activities.
UNICEF further estimated that there were approximately 1,250,000 orphans in Zambia–that is, one in every four Zambian children — with about 50 per cent being under nine years of age. Zambia has laboured long and hard to secure the future of such children who, tragically, are the focal point of gay rights bodies everywhere.
In their Millennium Declaration, world leaders resolved to have by 2015 halted and begun to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS and to provide special assistance to children orphaned by the disease. Yet the same UN is throwing such children into even greater peril.
Many of our children bleed for the absence of fathers. Child adoption can fill the need for a father; however children are not configured to regard two men as father and mother.
Every child longs to connect with a mother or — if mother is deceased — a female mother-figure. Not a masculine mother-figure.
Fatherhood is leadership. As much as many fathers have fled from their biological offspring and moved on with their lives, it would aggravate a catastrophe to legalise homosexual marriage rights and demolish fatherhood for good.
It remains with you to decide whether sanity will still be a part of our sociality and sexuality as a sovereign nation if we allow gay rights. One of the benefits of the existing Zambian laws is that our boys grow normally into men and our girls grow normally into women.
But what hope can the boy-child and the girl-child have in a world where all boundaries are erased?
Motherhood has been Zambia’s pride from times past, and we stand to lose it.
Lesbians can bear children through donated sperm. That reduces men to insignificant, nameless and faceless individuals whose value is only the sperm. This destroys both fatherhood and motherhood.
Lesbians can adopt children; but between them there is no real father.
Motherhood gives life. Under lesbian rights, motherhood becomes anonymous because the sperm donor is anonymous. Therefore motherhood becomes false. The child will not know its father. The child will have two women who are playing father and mother.
The true benefits of paternity and maternity, in normal and natural marriage settings, will not accrue to children raised by homos because (whether gay couples like this or not) everything is based on pretence and make-believe.
Personal identity
Homosexuality creates personal identity problems for adopted children.
Children without traceable parents, be those parents living or deceased, suffer from a continuing identity crisis. And children adopted by gay couples are even worse off.
The New Family Structures Study, or NFSS, a study of children adopted by gay couples was published in November 2012 by the journal Social Science Research.
University of Texas scholar Mark Regnerus compared how young adult children, aged 18-39, of a parent who has had a same-sex relationship fared on 40 different social, emotional and relational outcomes when compared with traditional and other families.
NFSS asked 3,000 young adults if either of their parents had a same-sex relationship while they were growing up. Result: 175 reported lesbian mothers, and 73 reported gay fathers. That’s about 1.7 percent, a figure comparable to other studies.
Such children’s relationships with their ‘father’ were more volatile and short-lived than in similar heterosexual settings.
A full 24 percent of young adult children of lesbians were currently cohabiting compared to 9 percent of those with normal married parents.
Even more young adults (31 per cent) of divorced parents were living together.
Only 12 percent of young adults with married parents had ever cheated while married or cohabiting, but 40 percent of adult children of lesbians had done so. Just 8 percent of those from intact homes had ever been forced to have sex against their will versus 31 percent with lesbian parents and 25 percent of homosexual parents.
Only 5 per cent of those with heterosexual married parents had considered suicide in the past year; which rose to 12 per cent of those adult children with lesbian parents and 24 per cent with homosexual fathers. Children from homosexual parenthoods were five times more prone to considering suicide than those from normal homes.
Similarly, 8 per cent of young adults raised by married heterosexual parents are likely to be in therapy for problems of “anxiety, depression, or relationships” as opposed to 19 per cent of those raised under homosexual parents.
Twice as many from intact homes were employed full time as those with lesbian mothers.
This information shows that men who are effeminate, some of whom are transvestite, are no substitute for a female mother. Effeminacy is a treatable condition which is not a good example to a child.
A generation of children raised by gay parents will grow into adulthood with impaired appreciation of the natural family. By implication, they should grow into homosexuality themselves and, without bearing their own genuine and natural offspring, try to concoct families.
A society that honours sodomy must drink from this barren and sterile brew in which boys will not grow into men and girls will not grow into women. The Zambia that would come out of this will not contain itself and the socio-cultural confusion would simply be unspeakable.
Dr Sander Breiner, member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) based in the US, has observed the following in an article Transsexuality Explained:
“There are a significant number of male homosexuals who would like to be a female with a penis. There are others who would like to be completely transformed into a female, but can’t arrange to have such a complex surgical procedure. Both groups will obtain hormones from various sources; often it will be illegally from a pharmacy.
“The transsexual male who was not part of a university/medical school treatment program, will often take hormone treatment (self-prescribed and administered), and play a feminine role with unsuspecting heterosexual males (often as a prostitute). They will play the part as if they are a passive feminine object. Their approach has many
masochistic behavioural qualities.
“However, their thinking about how they are tricking, fooling and using others has a clearly sadistic dynamic as well. Their histories almost invariably demonstrate a mother figure who is at least domineering, manipulative and controlling. Such men have little to no relationship with their family.
Unfortunately, their lifestyle has a clearly self-destructive quality. These individuals usually do not stay in any adequate psychotherapy program (i.e., once per week for at least three months). They also have significant problems in certain areas of reality perception; therefore, long-term intensive therapy is the best choice, and
long-term supportive therapy with medication is the bare minimum required to prevent them from destroying themselves.”
To be continued

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