Wedding colour scheme
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Your Memorable Wedding -New SunitaWEDDING celebrations have become so popular and they are taking place every weekend.
It is a good thing that many are entering into marriage through the right way and we all have a lot to celebrate about.
Our weekends are fully booked, wedding celebrations, kitchen parties and then church service.
It is a good thing to be invited for a wedding celebration and be a witness for this holy matrimony.
Last week I was really surprised when mothers of groom come to my home personally and begged me to accept the invitation cards so that I can attend their son’s weddings in September and November respectively.
When l accepted the invitation cards, they rejoiced, but to me this was a very strange act.
The mothers explained that the majority of people are refusing the invitation cards because the monetary present is so high, when calculated for the whole year it can amount to someone’s pension money.
Others just what to attend to their personal programs and cannot afford to be at kitchen parties or wedding celebrations every weekend.
In the past invited guests always wanted to receive a card and when not invited they still attended and they ended up being given a name ‘gate crushers’.
The way things are right now at every function a gate crusher will be treated with great honour and given the best seat as a way to welcome them.
To be invited for a nuptial it is a great honor which one cannot afford to turn down, it is good to celebrate with those who are celebrating.
The families need your support, you will do well to accept the invitation card and attend.
The organisers have contributed to guests refusing invitation cards, they functions start very late and end late at night causing husbands to complain about the time their wives reach home.
These good celebrations should not break other people’s homes. Organisers improve on time management.
The monetary present should not be high such that guests feel as if you are charging them for the seats, food and for attending the nuptials.
This week’s topic is about a colour scheme which can be used for both kitchen party and wedding celebrations and receptions.
A colour scheme which is trending at the moment is pink, yellow and green, which are palette colours commonly known as crazy colours.
A combination of these three palette colours will leave your guests gossiping for more. They are crazy with a difference, loud enough to make your guests feel at event. They have to be blended in so well such that they are not too bright for the guest’s eyes.
l love to understand the meaning behind every colour as it gives me a clear understanding on how the décor should be put up and how the whole wedding can be planned.
The colour scheme and theme help one to understand what type of bride and groom you will be working with and what they love and hate.
It is important to understand the bride and groom you are working with so that quarrels are avoided at all costs, they have a lot on their plate to chew remember. You better not add salt to the already open wound.
According to the colour psychology, yellow and all its variations represent spiritual and enlightenment making it a great choice for matrimony.
The yellow bride is cheerful, has a sweet disposition and loves being outdoors and no stuffy receptions for this carefree bride.
Green means that as a bride you are wise, thoughtful and level heeded just like this balanced, harmonized colour. Green is a mixture of yellow and blue, so brides who favor this choice are affectionate yet refined with strong principles.
Pink means you are compassionate, sweet, and demure. A diehard romantic at heart, you embody the same qualities as red fanatics, except softened up a bit fun fact. Bluish pink is the most highly searched colour.
Your choice of wedding colours tends to be a subconscious reflection of your personality and an indication of how you imagine your future marriage will be.
The colour will be in your wedding invitation cards, table décor, bouquet and bridesmaid’s dresses look so lovely.
As a bride you might love just one of the three colours, you may choose simple and elegant combinations of colours.
One of the three colours can be matched with silver or white. The colour you love should be the primary wedding colour, you can’t go wrong.
The palette colours are so loud this is why they should not have an equal percentage in the entire wedding planning.
Too much of these colours can cause anxiety and cause guests to feel agitated. The colour you love should be between 65-70 per cent, supporting colour 25 percent and accent colour 5-10 percent.
A combination of pink, yellow and green are illuminating and uplifting relating to the mind and the intellect.
This scheme creates a warm, welcoming, cheerful and happy mood which will lift up the spirits of your guests.
If you choose these colours as your wedding scheme, you are creative with many original ideas and thoughts, but with much practicality.
This is not the colour of the fantasy dreamer. You are good communicator and make decisions clearly and easily which will help you in the planning of your wedding. Plan your wedding with your invited guest in mind.
Remember “He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord” Proverbs 18:22.

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