Used tyres import ban shot down
Published On January 5, 2017 » 3480 Views» By Diran Chama » Business, Stories
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THE Government has rejected the proposed banning of the importation of secondhand tyres but directed Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) and Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to develop a national standard for them.
The standard will serve as a guideline for all imported tyres.



Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba said ZABs and RTSA should develop standards for secondhand tyres that would take into account the types of roads and climate.
“RTSA had proposed to ban all importation of secondhand tyres into the country and their reasoning was that they were bad tyres with wrong specifications flooding our country, so they were doing some consultations.
“But I have redirected their focus because banning is not a solution.
I have instead directed RTSA and ZABS to develop standards and specifications that will take into account our roads and our climate,”
Mr Mushimba said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday.
Mr Mushimba said some of the secondhand tyres were  meant for winter conditions  from countries with severe winter but Zambia did not have such hence the need to develop standards that would take into account the roads and climate.
He said the Government was cognisant of the fact that some motorists may not afford to buy brand new tyres all the time hence banning the importation of secondhand tyres was a bad idea.
Mr Mushimba said RTSA and ZABS should instead work together to develop standards which importers of secondhand tyres should adhere to while importing the product.
He said good and reliable secondhand tyres which would be brought into the country should meet safety standards and specifications.

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