Bushiri attacks ‘God’
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FACING the possibility of being barred from Zambia, Malawian prophet Shepard Bushiri, has attacked Religious and National Guidance Minister Godfridah Sumaili, accusing her of anti-Christ behavior and warning “I am coming after you.”
Bushiri launched into the attack on Reverend Sumaili on his television channel on Sunday, saying she and two Zambian bishops were exhibiting anti-Christ behaviour and he would deal with them.
Prophet Bushiri is already barred from a number of African countries, such as Swaziland and Tanzania and regards himself a disciple of Uebert Angel, the Zimbabwean prophet barred from entering Zambia two weeks ago.



Reverend Sumaili said whether or not the Malawian prophet, would be banned from entering the country tomorrow, when Bushiri plans to travel to Zambia, was a matter to be decided by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
Angel’s ban from Zambia followed the deportation of another Nigerian prophet Andrew Ejimadu, also known as Seer One among his flock.
Bushiri, who goes by the title Major One Prophet, has accused Northmead Assemblies Bishop Joshua Banda and Bread of Life Bishop Joe Imakando of jealousy, saying they were misleading the minister.
Reverend Sumaili said the appropriate arm of government to decide whether Bushiri would be allowed to into Zambia to conduct his meetings tomorrow was Home Affairs.
Bushiri said it was surprising that a country that called itself ‘Christian’ was constantly regulating Christians while mosques and Hindu halls were multiplying without being regulated.
“Sumaili, your days are numbered. Last time you messed with my father Uebert Angel and so you messed with me as well, so I am coming after you,” he said.
Prophet Bushiri said Bishops Imakando and Banda were jealous of the popularity of foreign ‘men of God’ and were working with Rev Sumaili to spoil President Edgar Lungu’s name.
He said President Lungu was a good man who believed in God and should not have his image spoilt by the minister.
Prophet Bushiri said it was unfair that other countries like Swaziland and Tanzania were also barring him and other Christians from operating freely.
He said that even with all those barriers, he would still travel to Zambia tomorrow.
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo could not be reached for comment by Press time.

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