UPND cadres nabbed


TWO United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres in Lusaka, have been arrested for circulation of malicious information about the health of the Republican President.
The two, who were conducting door-to-door campaigns in Munali Constituency, are alleged to have been spreading false information that there would be a presidential by-election soon and had been inciting other cadres to engage in violence.
George Chombela and Fresher Siwale have since been detained at Chelstone Police Post and are charged with publication of false news and proposing violence.
Police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, who confirmed the arrest in an interview yesterday, said Chombela was apprehended by members of the public.
The members of the public were agitated by his negative remarks against the President while he was conducting door-to-door campaigns.
Mr Hamoonga said that while Chombela was carrying out door-to-door campaigns in Munali constituency on Saturday, he urged the people in the area to start preparing themselves as there would be a Presidential by-election.
Chombela is further alleged to have told people in Munali to vote for Hakainde Hichilema because the country was earmarked for a by-election.
Mr Hamoonga said it was at this point that members of the public were angered by Chombela’s remarks, apprehended him and took him to Munali Police Post.
While at the police post, another UPND cadre, Siwale, visited Chombela and allegedly started calling his fellow cadres instructing them to go to the police post in big numbers to rescue their colleague.
It was at this point that Siwale was charged with proposing violence while Chombela has been charged with publication of false news.

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