She says I have snatched her hubby
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Tell me JosephineDear Josephine
I am a 30-year-old woman who is in an affair with a married man. The problem is he recently told his wife about our affair when they quarreled.
Now his wife has been calling me, accusing me of being a husband snatcher and bitch. I have not grabbed this man from his wife.
Should I end this relationship?
Sheila K Lusaka

Dear Sheila K
In the first place you are not supposed to have a relationship with a married man. It is unbiblical, untraditional and immoral.
Secondly, I should inform you that snatching a husband does not only mean making him stay with you physically.
It also means forcing him to abandon his wife, share his love and money with you or even sleeping with you. As things stand you are a husband snatcher whatever your defence is.
Stop going out with this man now.

He is in jail, am pregnant by another man
Dear Josephine
I am married to a man who has since been jailed for five years for fraud. We were married for five years before he was incarcerated.
I have just discovered that I am pregnant by another man. I am afraid of visiting my incarcerated husband since the pregnancy is visible.
I know it will devastate him since I had been faithful to him when he was outside. Should I end the relationship?
Diana T

Dear Diana T
Whether your husband is in prison or outside, what you have done is wrong. Infidelity is infidelity. You are in a dilemma because your conscience is telling you what you have done is wrong.
I would suggest you send someone else with the message and wait for the response from your jailed husband.
Since there is room for forgiveness in circumstances like yours, the ball is in his court.

In trouble after a
one-night stand

Dear Josephine
I am a 28-year old married woman. I just came back from South Africa in time with my husband’s departure to China where he is doing his PhD.
While in South Africa, I had a one night fling with a classmate who impregnated me. I took some pills to abort but recently when I went for pregnancy tests in Zambia, I discovered that I am still pregnant. It is too late to abort now and since I didn’t meet my husband to claim it is his pregnancy I am in a dilemma. What should I do?
Jane B Kitwe

Dear Jane B
Your story is full of wrongs. First you cheated on your husband, then you attempted to abort and lastly you come out as someone who would have loved to lump the responsibility of your pregnancy on your
Keep that pregnancy so that you are exposed for who you are, a cheat and adulterous woman!

He has adopted kink sex
Dear Josephine
My  husband just came back from the United States of America where he had gone for studies that lasted for four years.
Since he came back, he is not the same man I knew.
He is involved in what he calls kink sex. I had to look up the word that defined exactly what he does and suggests.
I wouldn’t go into details to explain everything that he does and suggests here.
However, last week he started pestering me that if I love him I should allow him to have a threesome with his girlfriend in our matrimonial bed.
My refusal has brought a wedge between us. He is very distant now and goes to bed early. I really love him and don’t want to lose him. What should I do?
Becky K

Dear Becky K
While I thank you for standing your ground in the last demand from your husband, I would blame you for giving him leeway to continue suggesting crazy ways of satisfying himself sexually.
Confront him and tell him off about his crazy love making habits.
He should not blackmail you just to satisfy his kink sex.
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