Localise scriptwriting, urges Leo
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By Chipema Sikaimbo –
A ZAMBIAN scriptwriter and actor says there is no need for script writers to copy film storylines from other already screened movies as Zambia has a lot of indigenous and interesting life stories that would be turned into movies.
Leo Simukoko, a five-time award winner reigning NATAAZ best actor’s award holder, explains that for the movie industry to be boosted in the country, script writers should write stories relating to real life Zambian scenarios.
Leo further says that it is such kind of movies that will help Zambians to be able to scoop intentional awards.
The 29 year-old Leo started acting way back in primary school in the drama club and managed to scoop an award.
He started his professional writing of scripts and acting in 2010 when he was the lead actor in a film directed by Owas Ray Mwape.
In 2013 Leo formed his own theatre club ‘Bantu Empire’ which helped him to be able to enhance his writing skills.
It is at this point that the actor was able to write scripts such as ‘The Married Virgin’. Through this script Leo was humbled to attend numerous theatre international festivals.
Leo wrote his second script in 2014 titled ‘The Pastor and the Harlot’ which helped scoop an award under NATAAZ.
Last year the writer presented the controversial titled script for the film titled ‘The Devil Is Innocent’ which was well received and probably helped him to gain the fame he enjoys now in the industry.
With such great achievement through hard work Leo was picked to be a lead actor in the movie to be premiered on the 8th of this month at ster-kinekor cinemas titled ‘Saul’.
A movie which centres on educating people on the importance of raising a child in a good environment despite that child’s condition and also discouraging stigma on such kids.

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