Holistic treatment for hIV/AIDS
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AIDS LOGOthiS week I will introduce a Holistic treatment which;
1. Will stop hiv from entering in cd4 cells and kill the hiv  from your body within 120 days- no HIV will be in your body- your viral load will be zero within eight to 12 months. All microscopic hiv tests will show no virus in your body.
2. You will be negative to all hiv virus-related tests. Including microscopic tests & load tests- this will assure you that you are cured.
3. All secondary symptoms will disappear and no hiv symptoms will be in your body.
How do you know you are cured?
After the treatment time is over no virus (hiv) will be in your body- no symptoms related to hiv will be there, no immunity related or no other hiv related issues will be there -all will disappear. You will really feel that.
Why hiv is difficult to cure?
Hiv can not be killed as they can turn their coat and mutate themselves  to different form to beat anti bodies and drugs. All other viral drugs will be a failure because of this reason.
How to oust/remove them from body?
This treatment will stop hiv entering in human cells and will eventually kill the virus. The cd4 will assume a negative charge – all retro viruses are negatively charged- the negatively charged cd4 cells can repel them from entering/attaching new cd4 cells.
This will work as most powerful anti fusion agent. This way, the bio magnetic force will work as very potent fusion inhibitor or entry inhibitor- this way hiv can not complete its life cycle and will be inactive/die.
What is holistic treatment?
This is a combination of a bio magnetic tablets and bio magnetic card and if required another latest improved version of bio magnetic force in herbals- pr medicine.  This treatment has no side effects and no problems.
What will be after the cure?
Once hiv is gone- all hiv related symptoms will disappear. No more hiv related health problems will trouble you.
Is there any side effects?  No side effects at all in bio magnetic card/ bm tablets and herbal medicines.
They will never harm human body; even a year old child can consume them with no risk.
How to get treatment
You don’t have to go to india, nor to singapore nor anywhere, you can take treatment from your own house all by your self. Keep your privacy intact. You can acquire the medicines by post/courier with whole and fully instructions- and 24×7 support through email/ phone.
The cost of the medicine-
Cost: you have to pay $1600- ($1400 + $200 for courier charges if you want medicine to be sent in courier) only for the total cost of the treatment – including costs of bio magnetic cards/tablets, herbals and their courier charges – (you can pay in us dollar, or in singapore $, euro, british pounds, south african rand, japanese yen, indian rupees, etc – for that contact support@helpcure.Com
When can you get treatment?
After payment – once the payment is confirmed, within 48 hours we will send you bio magnetic cards or bio magnetic tablets along with herbals through dhl/other courier to any where in the world.
How to order for the treatment?
How to apply/order and join for the treatment? – E mail us your age, weight, when did you find hiv first and other complications.
And all symptoms – you have with HIV and cd4 count (only if you know that or else no need at this time) we guarantee you a prompt reply with assured successful handling of your data.
Well, i decided to share this article because of the numerous queries i have been receiving on holistic treatment of hiv so i decided to search for them. Please those who would want to order or to get more information, directly email them, not me.
For comments on any issues on hiv/aids or any other health matter, don’t hesitate to contact me on knoxngoma@gmail.Com or text/call +260955883143

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