GBM must go …as Nevers teams up with ex-Defence minister
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MMD president Nevers Mumba on Thursday held a meeting with Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba to offer solidarity after his decision to step down as Defence Minister.

Sources close to the former minister said the two had a tete-a-tete at Mr Mwamba’s residence although the contents of their discussion were not revealed.

Mr Mwamba, when asked to comment on his meeting with Dr Mumba, responded through an aide that he would release a statement around midday but could not promise to respond to all the questions.

Dr Mumba, however, said on Radio Mano the same day that he would stand by Mr Mwamba.

“As Nevers Mumba I am supporting GBM, though he is in Patriotic Front, for the decision he has made because he has brought pride to us,” he said.

He said many people had been asking if there was anyone in Government who could speak a different language from that of Government over Henry Kanyanta Sosala’s installation as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

“We have now seen what GBM has done. He resigned as a Cabinet minister and has brought power and pride to our chiefs in Lubemba,” Dr Mumba said.

He said the much talked about resignation had proved that not everyone in Government was a job-seeker who could forget where they were coming from.

Dr Mumba claimed the whole country had been shaken by Mr Mwamba’s resignation.

“We are standing for all people who stand for the truth and respect for our chiefs,” he said.

Dr Mumba also pledged to stand by Mr Mwamba whom he claimed was likely to be investigated by various law enforcement agencies.

When Mr Mwamba released his statement on social media yesterday, he gave a veiled hint about his future political ambitions said his political life had undergone a rebirth.

“Those claiming that GBM is finished would be wise to know that if it was God’s wish that I will become President, it will happen,” he said.

He also said he would wait for President Michael Sata to ask him to leave the party.

“I am not going to be moved by those paid to call for my resignation from PF. I am not going anywhere and I will imitate my friend Wynter Kabimba who has since stayed,” he said.

He said he expected Mr Sata to keep him as a member of the party the same way he had kept the Justice Minister.

Mr Mwamba maintained that he had not done anything wrong as a party member, adding that those with doubts over the viability of his political career should know that it was still on course.

He waxed biblical when he said “It’s not over until God says it’s over”.

“Let me remind those hired to call for my resignation that I know them and I know the one who has hired them.

“So I will not be defeated by their calls because I have so many friends in Kasama, countrywide and (in the) diaspora who have seen nothing wrong with the decision I took to resign the ministerial position. To those who want to meet me on the political field, I will meet you. Just wait!”


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