E-pay slips the way to go
Published On October 19, 2017 » 1754 Views» By Davies M.M Chanda » Opinion
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THE Government should continue to be aggressive in stopping various untrustworthy conducts that have for many years been associated with workers in the public service.
By nature of being the biggest employer, the public service has attracted all sorts of characters who have engaged themselves in unscrupulous activities.
Recently, there was a discovery of almost 500 teachers who have forged documents and yet working in various Government and private schools.
The Teaching Council of Zambia when verifying qualifications for teachers discovered that 490 teachers serving in schools had forged documents shocking the entire country.
This is one of the many issues that the Government through the Public Service Management Division (PSMD) should pay attention to in order to restore sanity in the public service.
It is in this regard that the revelations by Office of the President E-Government permanent secretary Martine Mtonga that the issuance of electronic pay slips (e-pay slips) to civil servants has eroded the tendency by some unscrupulous workers to swindle financial institutions should be commended.
This level of trickery should not be tolerated, especially among people employed in the public service because it weakens the nation’s moral fibre.
According to Dr Mtonga 100,000 out of 209,000 Government employees are now receiving their pay slips electronically.
In the past some civil servants swindled some banks and other financial institutions by producing fake copies of their pay slips and then obtain loans from different institutions.
The tendency to swindle banks has come to an end since the electronic system was introduced.
The Government has also agreed on modalities with the banks to receive pay slips electronically for all workers wanting to access loans.
The system has also enabled the Government to trace fake Government employees and it is being used to clean up the payroll.
This is at should be, as the Government shifts in the electronic way of doing things so that service provision is not only cleaned of undesirable individuals but also become more efficient in this digital era.
Perhaps, the other issue that should be dealt with is cases where some civil servants, especially teachers who  are believed to be drawing salaries on the understanding that they are in one particular station and yet they work at other stations.
Otherwise the Government should continue with this path of running its affairs electronically in order to save more resources  and restore order in the public service.

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