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December 29, 2013 - 0 Comments

LACK of understanding the FIFA regulations on the status and transfer of players is suicidal to a footballer’s career progression.
Many a times, we have heard of Zambian players moving from one club to another without...

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December 27, 2013 - 0 Comments

By Davis Mulenga – Spin-OFF investments running in billions of Kwacha are among the many things going right at Kalumbila, 150 kilometres west of Solwezi where First Quantum Minerals (FQM) is constructing Africa’s largest and...

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December 26, 2013 - 0 Comments

NOTHING beats the intriguing swirl of the transfer rumours and facts when the off-season comes in December. Player movement characterises the better part of December into March when the soccer season kicks-off with most focus...

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