We question socialism morals
Published On April 5, 2018 » 2740 Views» By Evans Musenya Manda » Opinion
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MORALITY should be the guiding light in politics, especially in Zambia, a country that prides itself as a Christian nation.
Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba’s concerns regarding the Socialist Party sources of funding and sexual orientation are issues that cannot go by, without raising suspicions.
We support the point raised by Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya that the ministry of Home Affairs and the Registrar of Societies need to look into this matter or broadly the operations of the Socialist Party.
We say this with full knowledge of Zambia being a Christian Nation complete with a Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance that should guard against unacceptable practices.
Ms Siliya states, but without a blunt accusation of any wrongdoing, but banking on Mr Kabimba’s statement, whose allies are patrons in the Socialist Party, that something just doesn’t add up right.
The ministry of Home Affairs and the Registrar of Societies has on many occasions stated the importance of cleanliness of deals, be it sources of funding (local or external), to ensure the country is shielded from external influence and the country’s politics nurtured in a manner befitting a Christian nation.
There are many examples of African leaders that have protected their land from external influence, especially that which does not conform to their norms.
As Mr Kabimba has respectfully stated, he will not do anything just for the sake of gaining support for his party, this a voice of a principled individual, who knows that doing so is more-less like to trade your existence for an unknown, but dangerous gain.
In light of this, the Political Parties Bill is a cardinal instrument that will help the country govern politics effectively, as it will ensure the leaders of political parties, tell the Zambians, the source of their funding and beliefs that they follow.
Ms Siliya also urge the media to be proactive and investigate the politicians in this country to expose leaders that tend to defy the norms of the country.
The country has a Constitution in place and this vital document helps to remind citizens of their boundaries and gives the people their identity, thus we Minister Stephen Kampyongo and the Registrar of Societies need to look into this matter, with the seriousness it deserves.
Zambia is a sovereign State and should at all times, guard against what is deemed a threat to the core values of the people, in line with its symbol as a peaceful and loving Christian nation.
The Socialist Party through general secretary Cosmas Musumali has distanced his party from what Mr Kabimba has alleged, but that is a personal issue, which he challenges the Rainbow Party leader to produce minutes of any discussion regarding the accusations.
The two gentlemen, know, what they are arguing about, but what has been brought to the public domain, the Zambians have the right to know everything, that transpired in this circus.
The Zambians are the ones that decide which leader should govern national affairs and they have to know who they will at any point entrust the safety of this country in, be it in 2021 or in the elections to come.

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