City madness!
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THIS is now irritating. The happenings at City of Lusaka can not be allowed in football anymore.
The endless bickering is now a clear case of some level madness. I will not take sides by pointing out who is wrong and who is not. You can not have people failing to agree on anything little thing for one whole year.
The goalpost keeps shifting: from land lease, to shops built around the stadium to shares to even team sponsorship and whatever they are fight about now.
At some point the team was singled out as an asset they were all trying to serve. It was agreed the team will not be made to suffer. But instead, the team took a beating on and off the pitch and it was no surprise it was the first side relegated.
The off-season came and it was hoped that the matter would be put to be but alas, the issue escalated.
The wrangles that started right at the end of the 2016 season with Madam Christine Mulundika dissolving a duly elected executive for frivolous reasons, weeks before elections are still on.
Then Chairperson Ziche Makukula was hounded out saying he were not doing a good job, and that was after he won the team promotion to Zambia’s top flight league.
Ziche was clearly stabbed in the back by fellow executives and after being somehow disfranchised from re-contesting his seat, his parting shot was ‘you will remember me’. And indeed his departure brought in a wave of anarchy.
The incident at Woodlands Stadium last weekend where two teams showed up for a home against Young Green Buffaloes was shame to football and unacceptable. But worse is two teams travelling to play Katete Rangers. This is way over the line.
To FAZ, you are letting this hogwash escalate and you will be doing football and its fans a lot of good by immediately imposing stiff punishment on this lawless club. Stop handling City with kid gloves. Hit them where it hurts the most because this is the only way they will listen or learn.
A season-long ban and starting next season in a lower division will be appropriate punishment so the fans that are taking either side of the factions know that the people at the helm of the club are doing more harm to the team than good.
There are so many teams that are craving for that Division-One spot like a Division-There side called Zambezi Portland which can do a lot more with that place.
Stories coming off golf are not good about Zambian golfers.
Their woeful performance at the Zanaco Masters and added to that the showing at the Old Mutual Zimbabwe Open is pretty disappointing and calls for serious retrospection from the Zambia Golf Union (ZGU) and the Professional Golfers Association of Zambia (PGAZ).
There is need for a strategy that will bring up decent golfers to challenge the region. Madalitso, I am sorry to say, will not give Zambia the sustained glory all hoped to see when he was an exciting teen and in young man in his 20s and I don’t see anyone close to the potential Madalitso had.
Some may say Aaron Simfukwe junior but he falls way off and does not seem to have it to see Zambia stamp a mark on the region, let alone Africa.
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