Unions wrong on poor G12 results
Published On February 19, 2014 » 2207 Views» By Administrator Times » Letters to the Editor
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I DO not agree with teacher unions who are saying that Grade 12 results are bad because there’s no proper contact between pupil and teacher due to high numbers of pupils.
This is a wrong notion because we are coming from where some of us never used to see teachers for two terms but we used to pass.
The real problem is lack of discipline on the part of pupils. Many times the children are on facebook chatting on phones and patronising the streets around 17:00 hours as if parents are not there.
In the past we used to come up with time tables for studying but nowadays the children do not even think of how they would study.
There were no tuitions yet we used to make it, so why should a teacher argue that pupils cannot pass with tuition.
Parents should play a bigger role here so that a teacher meets disciplined children.
In the past if you met a teacher in a bar as a pupil it was a case but nowadays a pupil can even buy beers for their teacher, what can we achieve with this mentality.
During examinations some children do not even sleep in their homes because of hunting for examination leakages, where are the parents?
Can your child sleep outside home in the name of studying and leave her /him like that.
Even waking up so that they could prepare for school is an issue unless someone wakes them up.
Please parents this is your job, discipline your children for good results and better Zambia.

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