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Published On February 20, 2014 » 1828 Views» By Hildah Lumba » Letters to the Editor
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IN a democracy like ours, it is imperative that every citizen participates in governance regardless of background, religion, gender, or social class bearing in mind that there is no single person who can claim to be the pillar of any society as all members are compelled by the collective responsibility.
I feel that today’s world will be a better place for all, if all of us were to sacrifice  and participate fully in all national affairs to improve the living conditions of the masses of people who wallow in pathetic poverty.
In our time it is commonly assumed that people participate more in collective action when they believe others will! But this is wrong notion because we must strive to do something good even if others are failing to do it trustworthiness, honest and integrity are essential in citizen participation in governance.
Participation in governance does not only mean to be in government, because even starting up a business and eventually employing people is really participating in national development.
Let those in leadership help the youth with start-up capital and also finding employment like what the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission is doing.
Let all those in leadership positions emulate President  Michael Sata with his open door policy, I find it incredible that it’s easy to go and meet President Sata at State House than meeting other government officials like ministers and others.
Learn to be accommodating like President Sata. We are the people who voted you. We all need to promote peace in the country in whatever we are doing, let us remember that the majority of Zambians don’t have an alternative place to run to in case of violence as such we must avoid it at all costs. We can differ in political ideologies but let us at all times remain one Zambia one nation.
Gady Mwamba Museka

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