Women’s Day inspired wedding theme
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Your memorable weddingLAST week’s article was about the benefits of a wedding planner before and during your celebrations. Hiring a wedding planner is the wedding gift that you can give to yourself and one of the most important things that a planner can do for a bride and groom is to provide them with a peace of mind.
With a wedding planner the couple won’t have to worry about what has been over looked or will slip through the cracks.
Hiring a planner will make the planning process stress free and enjoyable. A planner will ensure that the wedding day is seamless and will ultimately allow the bride and groom to be guests at their own wedding.
Every memorable wedding has a theme. This could be dictated by a color or even centered on the venue or an event taking place in the month when you are having your wedding celebrations. Are you having your wedding in March?
Well this is a wonderful time to celebrate the International Women’s Day and Youth Day in style which falls on the 8th and 12th March respectively. The way they are celebrated shows that the strength of a woman is often passed on to the youth, who then draws on it.
In today’s article, we will look at how you can use the Women’s Day Celebrations as an inspiration for your wedding theme.
You can do so by celebrating bursts of colors, which can bring life and really suit this time of the year in which the wedding is being held.
This type of color theme will also show the power of women and why they are celebrated worldwide.
International Women’s Day is the day to annually celebrate the respect, appreciation and love towards women.
It also celebrates the social, political and economic achievement of women while focusing on the world’s attention on areas requiring further action.
Women are now going for bolder opportunities and they are clear about what they stand for and they are inspiring positive change.
Throughout the world people are seeing that if you are open to receive lessons, each woman’s wisdom can lead you to a new opportunity; and their nature is patience and love.
The slogan many women like to use is that, “you strike a woman, you strike a rock and you will be crushed.”
This type of celebration calls for challenging the status quo for women’s equality and vigilance, inspiring positive change throughout the world.
To put up such a wedding, the color that you need to choose for your wedding is green. Go green for your Women’s Day inspired color theme.
This is a favorite color among brides, women at large really love this color, (l love it too), and many of them have a green kitchen color theme.
This color can be used to give your wedding a natural feel and an energetic vibe, just like the energy a woman portrays in business, ministry, career and in all that she does.
Have a blue wedding this March by using the different shades of blue that can be used to create cool and calming effort to your wedding color theme, whether it is used on a bridal bouquet or on wedding invitation the truth of the matter is that it will look good.
Choose a darker blue that is complemented by gold, silver or pinks, you can also choose a lighter blue that goes well with yellow, black and cream.
Blue is a woman’s color and it is versatile so as a result it can make your wedding memorable.
Red is often associated with love, this is a color theme that can bring love to your wedding.
Just as women are lovable, they are celebrated because of the love they show in society and at their work places. The shades of taupe also work well with darker, murkier shades of red.
March being a time of joy and celebrating what the women have done and are still doing. A woman is like a tea bag.
You can never know the strength of that teabag until you put it in boiling water and this is when you can see whether you are dealing with strong tea, this is how best you can also describe a woman.
A color that can bring about that strength to a wedding is Yellow, yes! Yellow, l know what you are thinking, many people think that yellow is the color for foolishness.
Yellow as a color and all of its variations represent joy, strength and celebration, making it a great choice for matrimony. The yellow bride is cheerful, has a sweet disposition and love being outdoors, indoors and the stuffy receptions for this carefree lady.
For the wedding accessories shaded with vibrant yellow will lighten and give life to your wedding decorations, whether you use on the hue on your wedding invitations, napkins, favors, bouquet, best men’s neck ties and on bridal dresses.
Have a peach wedding this month! Select yellows, greens and purples to go with this color. Be careful that you choose true yellows that will blend in well with peach. Do not add in hints of red as these would clash.
Peach when used as a color theme can go well with any budget. Peach flowers are never scarce throughout the year.
With the bridesmaids dresses you can have them tailored. The peach material is available throughout the year.
The other color loved by women and nicknamed the woman’s color is pink. It is a color which is popular and is a pretty selection for your wedding celebration.
It works well for a Women’s Day inspired wedding color theme. You can personalize the napkins, wedding invitation and favor boxes in shades of pink.
For a pink color theme, it shows that you are compassionate, sweet, famine and demure it should be quietly modest and mature a diehard romantic at heart. Wow! This is the best way to define a woman, wife, mother, sister and daughter.
You embody the same qualities as red fanatics, expect softened up a bit. Fun facts are that bluish pink is the most highly, searched color on lovely, so you are in good company.
There are many shades of purple, lilac and lavender which are construed as sweet, then plums, orchids and deep eggplant is for passionate and royal colors. Bring this passion to your wedding celebrations.
Brides who prefer the royal color family are outgoing, tolerant, witty, fearless and charming. This color is versatile meaning it can be used in so many ways can be used also for wedding invitation cards, décor, bouquet, bridal party nail polish and best men’s shirts or neck ties.
There are so many ways you can incorporate this color.
Allow women to take over the wedding celebration program starting with the marriage officiating at the church to the photo session and then to the reception venue.
Let them bake your wedding cake, it should be a heart shaped vanilla or chocolate cake, they should do the decorations, drive the bridal party motorcade, be the guest of honor, M.C, DJ all these should be done by women this month.
For many years women have successfully organized the kitchen party celebrations, what can make them fail to handle a wedding this month. (We have a powerful curriculum vital when it comes organizing functions).
Join in the celebration this month of March, by making us proud as women.
Use our day as your inspiration for your wedding, the colors that we love to make your wedding celebrations memorable.
You can also bring the youthfulness to your wedding by using the youth day inspiration as your wedding theme.
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