Behavioural shift will prevent COVID third wave
Published On May 26, 2021 » 523 Views» By Times Reporter » Opinion
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IT was expected that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) related cases would rise in Zambia as the cold season sets in.
Going by the Health ministry updates in the last two days, it is clear that these expectations are coming true.
With 900 cases recorded so far this month after yesterday’s 149, it should be a scary statistic that everyone around the country should take note of.
Not only take note, but also strive to be part of the effort to try and keep these numbers from escalating and eventually reducing them.
At times it appears that the majority of the population is either fatigued and can no longer be bothered about upholding preventive measure such as wearing face masks or washing hands, or are still not taking the pandemic seriously and as such do not feel the need to take action.
Many people are still moving around in public places ‘mask-less’ and to a point where those that do wear masks are made to feel like they are the ones in the wrong.
Apart from the preventive measures, many people still resisted the opportunity to insulate themselves from the virus by taking the vaccines that the Government had obtained.
The rejection was due to various reasons such as religious beliefs or conflicting reports of side effects for those that have consumed the vaccination.
The Government has continued to warn about a potential third wave due to the change in weather and the threat posed by new strains of the virus such as the one identified from India, which has already found its way here.
It is why stricter travel measures have to put in place to try and curtail the virus which has claimed thousands of lives in India and other countries.
Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services, Kennedy Malama says there is need to ensure a shift in behaviour, with increased adherence to public health guidance if the country is to avoid a major change in lives as was the case with previous waves.
Dr Malama insists on ensuring that all the pillars of the response are supported to thwart a possible third wave and all stakeholders should continue buying into the multi-sectoral response because synergy continues to be a critical component of the response.
One hundred and forty-nine cases were reported yesterday, but thankfully, no deaths were recorded.
We should be grateful for the no-death statistic because it gives hope that this fight is winnable.
It is important that the nation builds on this and begin to reduce the numbers of infection with deliberate steps.
Communities themselves need to drive the efforts to break the chain of transmission and this means that citizens should play their part and play it well.
It pays to adherence to public health guidelines because lives will be saved!

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