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Social media has given us power to share our thoughts in whatever way we feel provided it does not violate certain community rules.
By sharing our thoughts, experiences and many other things, the algorithm is able to predict our moods and profile a certainly category or characteristics.
One of the temptations social media will ask is, “What’s on your mind?”
Many people found it fun and always post something expressing their minds.
It is said “as a man thinks, so is he”.
Before we see your post, it is in your mind.
Very often, it is assumed that your posts are expressions of who you are.
Depending on which direction you can view this subject from, this article aims at helping you to understand that you can create value for yourself that can earn anything you desire.
The thoughts you always communicate will become your reality.
Therefore, you are reminded that the digital era requires digital citizens who will drive their uniqueness.
Uniqueness may mean the cause that you drive, your identity, your influence, your talent and others.
Mercy Art from Kitwe once shared a unique artwork portrait of the President.
In a very short time, she was identified and her post went viral and reached the President. When you impress the head of State, expect a good reward.
In your space, what attributes do you have?
Please answer these few questions: what does the word ‘value’ mean to you? Can you define it?
Values are what you believe matter most in life.
Everyone’s values are different.
Some common values are love, success, friendship, intelligence and respect.
According to Pam Lassiter, you value yourself as a competent, intelligent human being, independently of any association with your work or who you are.
Your uniqueness and worth in your belief system.
Why does anyone value you?
Why should your community value you?
How have you valued yourself recently?
Can you communicate your value clearly?
To help answer these questions, Allison Mandel identified eight benefits of identifying your values.

  1. Values help you find your purpose. Have you already figured out the purpose of life?
    If not, as is the case for most of us, values can help answer the all-encompassing question, “What is my purpose in life?”
    You cannot expect to know what you want out of life if you do not know what is important in life.
    Knowing what you value gets you that much closer to an answer.
    Think about it.
  2. Values help you react in difficult situations. Values are guiding principles for behaviour.
    They can help ensure you behave in a way that matches who you want to be at the core. People often react quickly in situations, especially difficult ones, and they do not always take the time to think about what they are doing before they do it.
    You can use your values to reflect on situations too, to decide, for example, if you need to apologize for something.
    What a helpful little tool!
  3. Values help you make decisions.
    When you come across the need to make a decision, your values can help you make the right call.
    Sometimes emotions get in the way of good decision making, but if you stop to ask yourself, “What would someone who values X do in this situation?” then you just might be able to come to a more clearheaded, less emotionally-affected decision.
  4. Values help clear out clutter.
    Do you ever want to eliminate excess baggage from your life?
    Identifying your values will help you rule out the things you really do not want, need or believe are important.
    People are consumed with so much these days.
    Weed out the time and energy wasting things out of your life!
  5. Values help you choose the right career.
    All career paths come with pros and cons, we know that.
    But when you know what matters most to you, you can be sure you are choosing the right career path.
    If you value connection, interaction and friendship, for example, then it’s possible a work-at-home job may not be a good fit for you.
    On the other hand, if you value travel, wealth and conversation, then maybe a traveling sales job is perfect for you.
    Sometimes, knowing your values can even help you determine if a promotion is the best idea for you.
    Who knew the saying no to a promotion could be a good idea?
  6. Values help you develop a sense of self.
    Knowing your values means you can develop strong opinions about important subjects.
    You do not want to just believe what your parents believed.
    You cannot just say you believe you what your friends believe.
    You need to figure out what you truly believe and then you can share your honest self with others.
    This is important!
  7. Values help increase your confidence.
    Identifying your values increases your level of confidence because it brings about a sense of stability and safety to your life.
    When you know what you want, it does not matter what other people want.
    When you know what is important to you, it does not matter what is important to other people.
    This will naturally bring a sense of confidence to your life.
  8. Values help your overall happiness level.
    If you combine the results from benefits one though seven, then you have likely improved your life.
    You have developed a purpose, reacted better in difficult situations, made good decisions, found the right career, developed opinions and increased your confidence.
    It is fair to say you might just feel a little happier!
    These above eight values can help you make it to be a unique digital citizen.
    You will also create and sell who you are in the most unique way.
    These and many others, once identified in you, will attract something of perceived value.
    The law of attraction will be real.
    The values you communicate on social media will be translated into your real world because the principle of “as a man thinks, so is he”, which will be a reality.
    The author is a speaker, mentor, educator, trainer, professional and community leader, IT and cyber security leader. For comments email:;; WhatsApp +260 955 689 574.
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