HH’s promise on jobs refreshing
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THE pronouncements by the President-elect Hakainde Hichilema that individuals to serve under his administration will be drawn from all corners of Zambia makes good reading and is a breath of fresh air.
That is the reason millions of Zambians turned up on August 12th to vote and our prayer is that he remains true to his word.
When the country ushered in multiparty democracy in 1991, it was to allow individuals and every group in society to be given the opportunity to vie for positions without hindrance.
It is the opportunity to fairly compete, without intimidation or discrimination for public office in service to the citizens.
We should emphasise the need for institutions and Government to produce results that meet the needs of the people with the resources available in a sustainable manner while taking care of the environment.
That is why we are encouraged when the president-elect said the criteria will be competence, qualifications and ability to deliver because a lot has been made of Mr Hichilema’s party to paint it as a regional or tribal party.
We understand the citizenry is anxiously waiting to see the composition of his first cabinet or Government.
We agree with the labour movement who advised the president to cast the net wide because when the Government makes effort to solicit input from citizens and provide services to all its constituents equally, it sows seeds of stability and growth.
When this is done within a framework of political and legal accountability, citizens increasingly trust state institutions to support markets, not prey on them, and to treat all citizens in an even-handed manner.
This underlies the efficacy of public-sector interventions to improve health, education, livelihoods, and welfare, among others.
Credible, trustworthy institutions receive both political and financial support from constituents, which in turn facilitates service delivery and legitimizes other components of governance.
That is what the young voters who stood on the long queues for hours were casting that vote for when they made Bally their choice in such an overwhelming manner in face of adversity.

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