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SEVERAL successful businesses have faced adversity before breaking through. There is a lot of reluctancy to do business among many people because of uncertainty and only a few prefer taking risks. Those who so create a positive impact that draw a lot of attention.
For example, the likes of Dangote who is one of the richest businessmen in Africa has left a great impact, however when you look at his beginning, you will find that he had setbacks but never gave up.
The secret behind business is to be ready to take calculated risks such that even when things fail, your mind is already set to embark on another task.
However, if you shun from taking risks, then you will never succeed because you did not even attempt at all. You need guts and perseverance to handle challenges in any given situation and try as much as possible to transform them into opportunities.
Those who persevere do experience a life changing impact which other admire without knowing the hurdles that they went through to be where they are. An entrepreneur needs to be a quick thinker and embrace every opportunity that presents itself. Majority of successful people have been through unimaginable thick and thin, encountered setbacks but are determined to achieve their goals. They make mistakes but learn from them instead of giving up, they soldier on.
Successful people are consistent with what they do and always formulate their own code of conduct and lead by example.
They often overcome their obstacles by working hard and being resilient. They go an extra mile to achieve their set goals while upholding high standards. Not every Jim and jack are their friend, instead they select friends that add value to their lives, are hardworking and with different perspectives so that they learn from them.
On the other hand, they consider having a reliable support network that they can fall back on in times of turmoil. When conducting business, they know the traits, the action to take as well as understand the business environment.
They are strategic and disruptive thinkers, have a positive attitude and are analytical in everything. They push things no matter how hard the situation can be and walk through their success.
The mistake that businessmen/women make is that they feel they have arrived when they start declaring profits, they tend to spend lavishly, consume all their profit and eventually consume their capital.
This type of behavior is not for successful people, who value their hard-earned money. In addition to that others become too busy to be hands on and do remote control business without realizing the repercussions until it is too late.
When you entrust others to take care of your business, they rarely feel your sweat and tend to pay less attention to it.
Others take advantage of the situation and start doing deals or stealing from the owner. This can be avoided if the owner is available to see what goes on, knows the trends and is able to tell when something is not right.
Successful people are hands on and always want to continue improving and learning new things. They move with time considering that understanding the ever-changing business dynamics is cardinal to them
The narrative behind success is not to easily throw the towel when things are hard but to take on the challenge with tenacity till you get it done.
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The Author is a seasoned banker, has a Bachelor of Arts, honours degree in Business management/a Master of Business Administration from University of Sunderland (UK) and has a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Atlantic International University, United States of America (USA).

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