Call for end to succession wrangles timely
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SUCCESSION wrangles in the selection of traditional leaders have the potential to derail development within the affected chiefdom and the country at large, hence the need to handle them quickly and cautiously.
We say so because traditional leaders are key stakeholders in transforming the country’s development agenda, in all sectors.
Therefore, any uncertainty in the line of succession causes anxiety among the subjects and the country at large.
The succession disputes do not only lead to insecurity but are also embarrassing to the chiefdom because they exhibit lack of unity.
In any part of the country chiefdoms are the most powerful and command an influential position because subjects heed to their directives.
We therefore feel traditional powers should be transferred in a smooth manner because royal establishments exist to guide on the right heir to the throne in a case of death in the chiefdom.
These traditional structures or caretaker committees are usually in place in chiefdoms and should be able to guide to avoid succession wrangles.
They also have a right to conduct the rites according to a particular tradition and customs during replacement.
Apart from guiding, the traditional structures are able to organize the selection of new chiefs after the demise of the one on the throne and like it was conducted in the olden days, it is important to follow old roots of family trees to avoid causing unnecessary confusions in their chiefdoms.
We therefore support Central Province Permanent Secretary Milner Mwanakampwe’s remarks that the succession wrangles involving the selections of chiefs Chipepo and Ngabwe are embarrassing and a derailment to development in the respective areas.
Mr Mwanakampwe, who was speaking in Kabwe at his office when two families belonging to the two chiefdoms called on him at his office, observes that the selection of chiefs Ngabwe and Chipepo has been delayed due to the persistent wrangles.
We note that the succession dispute involving chief Ngabwe of the Lenje speaking people has been going on for the past three years with some parties taking the case to the courts of Law.
Like Mr Mwanakampwe says, an area where there is no chief, the majority of the citizenry misbehave and criminal activities such as cattle rustling increase.
It is not the responsibility of the Government to choose a chief anywhere in the country because the powers are vested in the traditional structures to choose successors.
We therefore feel it is important that royal establishments resolve their differences in harmony while promoting and protecting the cultural and traditional ethics for the sake of security and development.

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