Tourism sector key to unlocking growth potential
Published On August 4, 2022 » 9371 Views» By Times Reporter » Opinion
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PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema’s proposal to fellow African heads of State on the enhancement of tourism packaging is a step in the right direction towards economic sustainability.
This is one economic sector that has yielded positive incomes and recorded success stories not only in Africa but around the globe.
Already, the sector has continued to create job opportunities in many other sectors such as the hospitality industry and infrastructure development.
With an enhanced tourism industry, the country is assured of reaping economic benefits and value such as building the country’s brand value, image and identity.
Furthermore, apart from the boost in revenue for most economies, tourism has created thousands of job opportunities, and planted a sense of cultural exchange between foreigners and local citizens.
This is the reason we agree with the President that apart from other known sectors like Agriculture, tourism is one when well packaged could record huge positives on the country’s economy.
The President’s call goes beyond the borders of Zambia so as to further enhance the cultural exchange aspect.
Africa still remains one unique tourism destination of the world and taking heed of Mr Hichilema’s words could turn the tourism narrative in Africa around, for more economic benefits.
The President says pulling various tourism destinations and repackaging them together can enable the industry to flourish and attract more tourists to the African continent.
We agree with President Hichilema that if well managed the tourism sector could generate more business opportunities for the continent
“We are talking about tourist packages that will cover here in Tanzania, Zanzibar, as you know there are many islands here in Tanzania and obviously Zambia. When you pull this what I may call destinations together.
“ Plus our Victoria falls, our national parks will make tourists stay longer on the continent,” President Hichilema says.
There is no doubt that Africa has adequate wildlife and other tourist attraction s such as waterfalls, rivers, traditional ceremonies and other marvels which can attract tourists.
All what is needed is to market the tourist attractions in individual countries and the African continent at large in order to woo tourists who in most shun the continent because of lack of information.
This should be a wakeup call for the continent and Zambia in particular to put its house in order to ensure tourism is a huge economic player.

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