Five things one must attain to live a happy life
Published On August 13, 2022 » 12058 Views» By Times Reporter » Letters to the Editor
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There are five things you must aspire to attain in order to live a happy life;

  1. You must be physically fit
  2. You must be mentally fit
  3. You must be spiritual fit, and
  4. You must be financially fit
    If you are not physically fit, it means you are either on deathbed or you are obsessed or struggling with health issues.
    Believe you me even if you have $10 million in your account, you will never enjoy your life as it should be because the only thing you will care about is to be healthy again.
    So get yourself physically fit.
    When it comes to being mentally fit, if you are depressed, anxious, or if you are not surrounded with people that you love and you are not happy, having more money will make you more miserable. Money will not resolve the mental aspect of your life.
    There is a big misconception; that if I make $1 million I will find the love of my life, or that people will like me or want to talk to me.
    You want to start imagining a world where money will resolve all your mental aspects.
    This is not the case.
    Money has a role to play in life and being happy has to do with the mindset.
    Being spiritually fit has got nothing to do with religion, but it has everything to do with the reason we are here on earth.
    What is your purpose?
    What do you wake up for every morning?
    If you do not know your purpose, you will never know what it is to be truly happy.
    Finally, being financially fit means living a life without battling anxiety about getting through the month or stressing about the future.
    Therefore, you have to be constantly budgeting.
    Ongoing financial education and planning ahead enables one to make it through the month, and through unexpected expenses without spiraling into debt.
    Above all, securing ones’ future and that of one’s loved ones is important.
    In fact, to attain this status quo, the above three are a precursor.
    Give your life to Jesus Christ.
    He is everything you have ever looked for.

Sensio Banda
Former Member of Parliament
Kasenengwa Constituency
Eastern Province

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