Claiming the high moral political pedestal
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NO doubt about it, there are some political leaders who have mounted a scorch and annihilate crusade against President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND.
They have made it abundantly clear with no qualms about their intentions. They have traversed the countryside with sponsored programming on television, radio and wherever they care to speak to spew the anti HH rhetoric.
Their arsenals are clearly pin pointed at one target and that is against HH and his UPND.
With a lot of cunning, they want the nation to believe that they have a common enemy in HH and ride on that crest of the misinformation campaign to gain a foothold on the political landscape.
What a Herculean feat of negative messaging they will have to deliver to convince the whole nation that HH is bad for business. Wish them well.
These people, some coming from a humiliating defeat few months ago, and others posturing for the last 30 or so years as crusaders of human rights and peace. God forgive us.
Manipulating the politically naive, foraging on their weaknesses, then deceptively clambering above their heads and shoulders, they proclaim that they are the breath of fresh air we have all been waiting for when in fact not.
Some have failed to relaunch their political party fortunes even after highly publicised rebranding missions which have instead left their groupings more tattered than ever before.
Some have tried to use a socialist approach to politics, in their estimation, praying that the Zambian people will catch their beit using outdated ideologies that even the schemers of such have long abandoned.
Well, they have a lot of work to do, going by the strides their nemesis HH is accomplishing. After 10 years of negative growth, reversal of past economic gains and total plunder of national wealth, do they phantom a return to the helm of leadership?
And some of these politicians have got no shame to even stand on a high moral political pedestal and protest the high cost of living when they were the instigators and the architects of this mess we find ourselves in.
How for instance do they expect the government to turn around the economy in less than two years against their economic recklessness of 10 years?
And then, there is another one who thinks he is a magician who can hold us under his spell.
Through numerous unsubstantiated carefully orchestrated headlines he persecuted and hunted down FJT right to his grave.
Any of us may wonder what drove this politician’s insatiable appetite to gnaw at every successive government. If he did not get his way with you, he would ruthlessly dig your grave using the power of the media.
In a big manner, he got his way with late President Michael Sata, but was brick walled when the new government of President Lungu took over. And as we see it today, the adage comes to life. “There is no honour among thieves”
A Houdini of sorts, with the church, the man has had to worm himself into the sacred hearts of especially the Catholics.
He knows them because, he is a protegy who flourished under their protective wings until his rebellion.
Without completely giving away his atheist position, he has had to, in a subtle way play the gambler as a good Christian. One who fits the cap “wolf in Sheep’s clothing”.
You can traverse the width and breadth of this nation and seldom will you find anybody, not any one single politician, who has ever come out; not even in the splendour of a gay sunny day, or under the mysteries of a twinkly star studded night sky, to publicly proclaim their atheist disposition as a pre -requisite to launching a thriving political career.
That would be suicidal their aspirations would be still born simply because Christianity in Zambia is so deeply entrenched.
He like many other shrewd politicians know this fact too well so for them, Saturday or Sunday is a time to put on their Hollywood acting caps, a time to be seen to connect with the powerful Christian lobby.
Go out there, pledge a few hundreds of Kwacha to a stalled building project, fill up the offertory basket with a bulge of ill gotten cash and dance and sing the loudest during praise and worship session.
This man needed to find acceptability in the Christian churches because these sanctuaries after all, are the dens were wolves and sheep mingle.
For freaky politicians like him, he needs a trampoline to catapult his career to the dizzy heights of success.
Those with a critical spiritual eye can see and discern who the pretenders exactly are as they mingle amongst the lambs and those who seek genuine salvation. This unfortunately continues to happen in church congregations countrywide.
breath, they chastise others.
They claim that those in the saddle, holding the reins of power are merely stooges who with thirty pieces of gold are ready to auction the country to the highest bidder. But wait a minute.
You can ask yourself a question or two and figure out the answers your good selves.
Whose interests are they serving as if the ideologies they propagate are not foreign themselves?
From whom and where do they find the money to traverse the whole country to sell their manifesto if not from foreign interest groups.
How much money from those foreign groups was collected to bankroll their 2021 election which they miserably lost. A bid in the guise of loving the people of Zambia and yet pushing their own obsolete ideologies.
One of these opposition leaders was recently seen masquerading as a true son of the soil at some foreign meeting, busy attempting to tear to shreds the policies of the UPND.
Before the glare of the rolling cameras, he went on in his attempt to blemish the Government accusing them of being puppets of the West and how not good enough leaders they were.
Watching his act roll on and on, I wondered if he really understood how stupid he looked dissing the leadership of his own country on a foreign platform.
He went on disparaging the current Government leadership accusing them all sorts of heinous crimes.
And as he went on blubbering away, I asked myself to whom he was preaching?

There he was, claiming that the system from where he hailed was atrocious.
And if indeed the situation was as he portrayed, would he even have a country to return to after making such an indecent pronouncement about the government?
It only happens in Zambia that basic human rights are respected to the letter and the democratic space is open and free enough for anyone to rant and rave all they want.
And then there is the other one whose credentials are so tainted through his seven or so years of misrule.
He too wants to portray himself as a saint who is being persecuted for wrongs he did not commit. Wanting to assume a ‘Jesus Christ’ like figure.
Of late he has been seen trying to taste the waters, see if he can make the dramatic come back, reminiscent to the Bible quoted triumphant return of Jesus to Jerusalem.
He does not understand for a moment how deeply injured the majority of Zambians were left under his rule.
He thinks that Zambians are too dumb and forget very easily.
If I were him, I would cherish the peace and respect the administration has given to him and cease to ruffle any feathers anymore.
I mean, what else can a man want after serving all those years at the helm of the nation.
We as individuals must seek peace unto ourselves always.
We must not be seen to claim the high moral pedestal when we have proven bad governance and personal records.
And just because we want to launder our tattered reputations, the silence of the Zambian people or its leadership should not be stretched to tearing point.

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