Opposition leaders should provide positive checks
Published On September 18, 2023 » 684 Views» By Times Reporter » Opinion
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THE call by the United Party for National Development (UPND) on the need for the opposition to offer constructive and civil criticism is key and timely if the country is to continue to enjoy the prevailing peace and unity including national development.
Of course it is worth noting that the opposition political parties remain relevant stakeholders in the governance of national affairs as they provide the needed checks and balances.
It is imperative that the opposition parties should have some important role towards the governance of the country and for the wellbeing of the general citizenry.
Opposition leaders can provide advice on a number of pertinent issues such as the constitution, the rule of law, advocating the reduction in the general price of goods and services and other important issues which could benefit people in one way or the other.
The leaders in the opposition parties can point out the wrongs, but should at the same time provide feasible solutions which should make sense to those in power.
As the UPND has advised, the opposition parties should criticise the Government but this should be done in a justifiable manner.
n as much as they have the right to offer checks and balances to the Government on any issues, there is need for civility in the manner they address and put across their issues.
The negative hype that the opposition parties are putting across to put the government in the bad light poses a great danger to the peace that the country has enjoyed since attainment of Independence in 1964.
Criticism is healthy and welcome in a democratic nation but it should be done in a very civil and constructive manner.
Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the opposition commending where the Government has scored successes as this ultimately benefits the citizens including those these leaders claim to speak on behalf of.
The recent trip that President Hakainde Hichilema undertook to China where a number of issues were discussed and among them was support towards the upgrade and renovation of TAZARA railway line which is a big plus to the country and these are issues which the opposition can do well to commend the government.
It does not benefit them to demean all the achievements by the Government even if it is made to gain political mileage because at the end of the day, people are able to see the many things that this government continues doing.
These baseless criticisms were not being helpful even if it is in the name of promoting cheap politics as that era is long gone and the government has demonstrated its desire to remain focussed at working on effective modalities aimed at addressing poverty and creating employment for the people.
Opposition leaders should understand that cheap politics will not sway the government from delivering what it promised the people.
A lot of success has been recorded such as increase in the Constituency Development Fund
(CDF) and free education that the Government continues to offer as well as the massive public service job creation.
Debt restructuring has been another big plus scored by the government and the famous National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) 20 percent partial withdrawal with fighting corruption top of the agenda and restoring the rule of law.
The increase in CDF has brought about a lot of benefit with people in communities boosting their business after acquiring these funds with a lot of funds still available which the opposition could do well to encourage people to access and help change their lives.
The coming in of free education has seen children going back to school and these are issues that these leaders would do well to ensure that children in these constituencies grab this opportunity unlike speaking ill and making their followers miss such great opportunities.
It is therefore imperative that the opposition leaders realise that they are part of the governance system and need to play their role accordingly to foster peace, unity and development by providing positive checks and balances.

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