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CONGRATULATIONS to the Copper Queens for advancing to the final round of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games after a hard fought, two-legged clash against Ghana.
It was a match worth watching but of course it was a match not for the faint-hearted because of the thrills and spills of this six-goal thriller at the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.
As much as congratulations are in order, the match against Ghana exposed our Copper Queens, who looked vulnerable.
However, one thing I liked about the team was the never die attitude despite the problems they faced as far as playing coordinated football was concerned.
This was a match the players needed to seriously gauge themselves and make a retrospective about themselves as they prepare to face Morocco.
It was also a match that saw the Ghanaians come prepared and did their ground work well unlike the Zambians who were still drunk with the 1-0 away leg win.
It was visible that the players underrated Ghana after that away win. Our midfield was porous and failed to protect the back four hence having no formation and system, and ended in ‘chipante pante’ (kicking anyhow) kind of play.
Those long-balls deplored didn’t help and simply showed the lack of team play and that resulted in most players being in and out of the game.
It is worth noting that our midfielders did not have the energy and skills to match our opponents.
This now begs the question, do we lack any depth of talent in our women’s league as things stand to even find a solid replacement for the much talked about Susan Banda?
If that was the picture of our deficient midfield where we have reached then we are in a crisis.
The absence of key players was too visible especially in midfield. We also need to find a plan B in our approach if the route one of supplying Barbra Banda and Rachael Kundananji fails.
It was frustrating watching a game without a plan but players just kicking the ball To Whom It May Concern instead of feeding the midfield to in turn supply the strikers.
But at the end of the day, the importance of doing the job in the first leg paid off for the Copper Queens and the celebration showed.
There is need to acknowledge the fact that Ghana is a good side. A good side capable of beating any team on the day and playing at home somewhat, to an extent, helped our girls earn that vital draw.
Like or hate him, Bruce Mwape seems to know how to get his girls to deliver but a lot of work is needed ahead and especially against this Moroccan side.
But here is a word of caution. Just because we beat Morocco in those two friendlies we must not count our eggs before they hatch.
Once again congratulations to our Copper Queens and wishing you all a wonderful sporting weekend and let is interact via email on

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