Bashikulu wasn’t drunk…
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Radio Review - jack1IN this column, we questioned the act of featuring a ‘drunken’ panelist during a live phone-in programme on Radio Icengelo two weeks ago.
Fr Nicholas Mubanga who is Radio Icengelo station manager clarified that; “The person you referred to is a senior citizen.
“He has featured on the programme for more than a decade and has done an excellent job with thousands listeners appreciating his contribution and advice.
“His health has been failing him lately, he suffers from Hypertension and had been hit by stroke five times.
“We have been with him in his best moments and we have no better reason to abandon him in his trying moment.”
Peter Chilufya Masongo , ‘the Peace Maker ‘ takes over his shift with a bang! He is a lively presenter each time he mixes his signature tune, ‘I will follow Jesus for the rest of my life.’ He chips in between the song, thanking his forerunner and announcing his schedule.
If only women listened to Bishop Joe Imakando’s sermon aired on Radio Christian Voice (RCV) last Monday night, they would not be deceived by some false prophets any more.
Delivering his sermon, he wondered why women easily fall prey to some prophets asking them to undress for them to be ‘anointed’.
“When, where do you read in the Bible that Jesus Christ asked women to undress before healing or blessing them? Why would you be deceived to buy water as an agent of blessing?”  Bishop Imakando asked.
Monde Linyandi was spot on when she featured a clergyman to discuss Easter last Sunday, but the interview appeared like stage-managed, going by the rapid questions and answering from both the presenter and the guest.
No matter how eloquent the interviewee may be, the normal way to respond to questions is one to first pose, analyse the question and give an answer. Responding even before the interviewer finishes his question could be rather exaggerated.
Very few radio presenters and announcers like Steria Banda greet their audience whenever they take over transmission on air.
Commencing her ‘Timwimbile Chiuta’, songs on ZNBC’s Radio 1 last Sunday at 12:00, Steria saluted all those that had tuned in at the time.
Habuya, a Tonga-version of Kabusha Takolelwe bowa on ZNBC’s Radio 1 has wide audience going by the number of callers who phoned-in last Sunday at 11:00 hours.
Ba Shabula, who is baKabuya responds in Soli/Lenje like dialect, while Mwangala Mzumala reads letters in Tonga.
Radio France International
Fallen English poet, playwright and actor William Shakespeare would have been 450 years old had he lived to this day.
Born on April 26, 1564 and died on April 23, 1616, his works, one of them ‘Romeo and Juliet’ play still survive him.
Radio France International on 92.1 FM last Monday played a tribute to him in what the presenter said was ‘Telling his story afresh, or Dusting off his books’.
On the same channel, were voices of surviving victims and villains from the 1994 Rwandan Genocide who told their story.
In that genocide, about 1,000,000 people died in ethnic clashes, and hearing voices of people who participated in the killing, how they did it and that of survivors was touching.
The craft of radio production has evolved in successive stages. The announcer who became a programme organizer and the production technical assistant who became a producer have both contributed something to the definition of a producer’s work today.
From the announcer: an ability to express ideas in spoken words, a good command of language, a manner which puts studio guests at ease.
From the programme organizer: a lively interest in and identification with his community, a knowledge of available talent, some specialist interest, an ability to organise.
From the production man: a thorough understanding of the technical facilities, a keen appreciation of sound and inventiveness in its use.
The qualifications required of a producer, bearing in mind the development of the craft, may be summed up as follows.
The radio producer should have: a good grasp of the language in which he works so that he can edit scripts and advise speakers on correct pronunciation, a manner which wins the co-operation of artists, a skill in instructing and directing other people at the microphone, a good general knowledge and an interest in community affairs, a sense of responsibility, the ability to take the initiative and the enthusiasm to experiment, a creative turn of mind and a flair for showmanship, an ear for sound and the ability to conceive ideas in terms of sound, a thorough knowledge of the technical facilities and of the techniques of radio, a specialist interest.
The outline makes no reference to educational qualifications although some are implied.
On this matter it is worth noting a Unesco recommendation regarding the recruitment of broadcasting personnel: ‘Present standards are suitable but possession of certificates should not be mandatory.
The emphases should be on talent, creative ability and an aptitude for broadcasting.’
Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Finale
Sunday April 27, 2014 22:00 | E! Entertainment Television (124)
If you thought the life of high rollers in Hollywood was as good as it gets, you’re about to change your mind!
Get ready to experience life in the fast lane, with an exclusive glimpse into the extravagant world of millionaire twenty-somethings, where private jets, tiny dogs and Louboutins are just a way of life.
Tune in to the finale of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on April 27, at 22:00 on E!
BPL: Liverpool vs Chelsea
Sunday  April 27, 2014 15:00 | SuperSport 3 (203)
The Barcalys Premier League reaches boiling point when Liverpool host Chelsea at Anfield for a crucial league fixture.
Find out which team will win this potential season decider Sunday  April 27 on SS3/SSM/SS3HD at 15:00 and via live video streaming on
Don’t Tell The Bride
Sunday April 27 2014 19:00 | BBC Lifestyle (174)
Don’t Tell The Bride gives cash to 12 couples to help them create the wedding of their dreams.
But here’s the catch, the bride and groom can’t see each other for the month leading up to the nuptials, and the groom has to plan the whole wedding in secret.
The bride will get the first glimpse of the invitations when they come in the mail, she’ll try on the dress hours before she wears it down the aisle, and she’ll view the race.
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