Seeds must be watered (Pt ii)
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Breaking Barriers LOGOAll dreams are the foundation from which great legacies and achievements are seeded.
Without a dream, there are no goals, without goals, there are no actions and without actions, there are no results.
It is written that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouths speak, yet ask yourself, what do you speak of all day? What are the things that you always talk about?
T HarvEker in his Million Dollar Mindset trainings states that thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to words and actions, which lead to results and the million dollar question to ask yourself is, what kind of results do you have?
What you will learn is that roots will always determine the fruit, not the other way round.
Thus the seeds of our thoughts, whether great and magnificent or mediocre and hopeless lie in our thoughts that are fueled by our dreams.
Now, in order for any seeds to prosper, it must be watered. In watering there is tending and the actual watering.
Tending is caring through the elimination of weeds and tilling for aeration. Weeds can be defined as any plant that grows where it is not wanted. This can be likened to negative habits and behavior as well as wrong character. It is said that thoughts acted on develop actions, repeated actions develop habits, repeated habits develop character and repeated character affects destiny. Character has its roots in weeds that are allowed to foster and grow in the ground of your mind.
Tilling on the other hand allows air to get into the soil thus creating the right environment for promoting growth of the seedling.
This can be likened to learning, personal development and training. See, if your seed is not aerated, it will choke in the ground and die.
If you are not constantly striving to be a better person through personal development (reading, watching and learning positively), then your overall value is stifled and averageness is the consequence. In order to be extra ordinary, you must work beyond the ordinary.
Once these two things (tending – eliminating weeds and tilling – aerating the soil) are done, then there comes the adding of water and manure as needed.
This can be likened to fueling your dream by associating with those that have a success paradigm and are geared to excel.
One sure way of killing your seedlings is to hang out with losers who complain all day and see grey and black in everything.
These types of people can kill your dream and cause you to lose the passion to strive for excellence.
Always look to those that are ahead of you and are excelling in your field and use them as role models.
#2: The Head
This is the second phase of our plant where we now have the manifestation of potential and hope for a harvest.
The outward appearance of the head is an indicator as to what kind of results to expect. Now, whenever the head appears, many tend to count how many buds there are and then use this as a gauge for the harvest.
However, if you ever consulted any horticulturalist, you will quickly learn that more buds actually affect negatively your yield! In short, you need to prune the plant in order to produce more.
Watching Nat Geo Wild one day, I could not help but be amazed at how much pruning a typical apple tree would undergo.
The horticulturalist trimmed and clipped so much out of the trees I was watching that from the untrained eye, it looked like nothing remained at all. The entire tree was bare when he was through.
He cut virtually all the leaves leaving few, he then proceeded to cut out three out of every four fruit buds that had sprung out! That is 75% of the foliage mercilessly trimmed off!
If those apple trees could speak, what lamentations would they bellow?
It was only after learning the purpose for pruning that I understood. According to the expert trimmer, if the tree has too much leaves, these rob the fruit of vital nutrients as they would be competing with the fruit itself.
So, when it comes to choice between leaves and fruit, which do you think would win? So, only enough leaves to facilitate transpiration are left, the rest are simply removed! Ouch!
Again, why remove three out of four fruit buds? The reason is because if all four grow, then you get smaller fruit, but if only one is left to grow per small branch, that fruit will be bigger.
It will not have to compete with its fellow kindred and share the nutrients coming through that particular branch. In short, elimination produces greater results!
This so applies to us all, don’t you think? I have learnt that there are things in our lives that literally steal the juice or spunk out of us because they become a distraction.
They take away our attention from the chief objective, that being the realisation of our dreams. I can think of many examples that distract us in the arena of life.
In spirituality – pursuit of worldly pleasures, in health – eating and living wrongly, in finances – accumulating debt and liabilities instead of assets, in family – extra marital affairs and the “club”, in career – low output and lethargy, in social – a “get-all-that-i-can-out-of-them” attitude and many more.
See, these things must be pruned if we are to stand a chance at success. Simply put, pruning eliminates all unnecessary foliage that competes with the fruit and deprives it (fruit) of nutrients that ensure a healthy full grown fruit.
Maturity will always be evidenced by fruit, not leaves!
In life we tend to have lots of leaves (apparent success) and lots of fruit (apparent results) but these do not come from a fully developed tree that has been tended well, but from a frail tree with shortcuts as the norm.
All true wealth comes long term, no pain, no gain! Catch the third part next week same day same place!
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