Beauty tips for rainy season
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Beautifully Healthy LogoHAPPY New Year dear friends, I know most of you are in high spirits due to the rain. It’s the season that is generally gloomy despite its respite from the harsh sun.

So wear cheerful bright colours and try as hard as possible not to wear grey. If you can’t avoid it, throw on a brightly coloured scarf.

Use a face scrub twice a week to exfoliate and cleanse your skin, also use a skin brightening toner (even apple cider vinegar) each time you wash your face to close the pores and restore your skin’s pH balance.

Avoid heavy moisturising creams, oily foundations, and cream-based colour makeup.

Use a light mousse or a matte compact or simply a few drops of lotion as a makeup base. Also invest in a primer to keep makeup intact in case it rains.

Opt for a bright lipstick and because rainy weather and humidity cause makeup meltdown, skip dark eye liner or shadow, and stick with a neutral eye and bright lips to perk things up.

Invest in a lightweight coat which repels water, find a classy trench coat with a little belted waist – the brighter the better.

Rain boots are a must or hiking boots to prevent your cute shoes from getting damaged by mud.

If you’re wielding an umbrella, look for a small to midsize hand bag because a huge bag or structured one will only get in the way.

This is the time when you are going to face hair problems like limpness, greasiness and shedding. The excessive amount of moisture in the weather makes your hair dull, flat and tangled.

Therefore this is the most crucial time for you to have a thorough hair care regimen for the gentle and effective care of your hair.

Wash your hair regularly and avoid using too much hair products and use only a mild shampoo and gentle conditioner for the hair after every wash.

Note that you should not apply conditioner on the hair root or scalp but on the hair shaft.

The biggest skin problem during the rainy season is fungal infections.

As fungus is born in humid weather, it easily grows and enters the skin throw wet pores.

 As a result, one develops itchy, circular, reddish, flaking patches on the body, underarms, and around the breast (in women).

You need to drink plenty of water and have a proper protein enriched diet along with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Please remember to boil your water during this season because this is when water borne diseases such as diarrhoea and gastro intestinal infections threaten us.

 If you have to drink water ensure it is certified by the Bureau of standards before you drink it because you never know.

Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly, particularly leafy vegetables, cauliflower, and mushrooms (my favourite) which not only contain larvae and worms, but also collect dirt from the streets.

 Pay a visit to a local spice shop and order garlic, pepper, ginger, asafoetida (hing), jeera powder, turmeric, and coriander which help enhance digestion and improve immunity.

 No need to fear they are quite cheap and buy some moringa powder which will help boost you and the little ones immunity, just sprinkle it in food, in drinks because it is quite tasteless.

 One should wear cotton and loose clothes and use anti-fungal talcum powder (as long as you are not allergic like me) in areas more prone to fungal infections.

 Avoid wearing clothes like Jeans which do not dry immediately, wear cotton most of the time as it is skin friendly.

 People with diabetes, asthma and sinusitis need to take extra care of their feet this season avoid walking bare foot and wearing wet shoes.

 Also avoid staying anywhere with wet walls as it promotes the growth of fungus and can be especially harmful.

 Stagnant water is definite breeding places for mosquitoes thus drain all water and empty water from outdoor items such as old tires, cans and flower pot bases.

  Protect yourself with an appropriate insect repellent creams and nets if you live in mosquito-prone areas or places with stagnant water.

 Malaria and jaundice are common and are deadly so take caution especially if there are children in the house.

 Avoid eating uncooked foods and salads that you are not sure are clean especially in restaurants because at home you make a better effort to clean them than restaurants.

 Do not allow kids to play in stagnant polluted water filled puddles and always keep them dry and clean.

 Drink lots of warming herbal teas, especially those with antibacterial properties such as holy basil leaves.

 Keep warm, drink a lot of water and exercise, keep those muscles moving.

 Therefore, that’s it for today, remember to keep in touch via my blog on and in my email address and follow me on twitter @arushapot

 Hope you have a fabulous week, #hugs and #kisses.


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