How to set the right table sitting plan
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Your Memorable Wedding -New SunitaLAST week’s article was about who pays for the bridesmaids attire. Many people see it as a burden on the maids, but this is not the case just as the invited guests pay for their attires the same should be done with the bridesmaids.
If the bride and groom can afford well them it is a good gesture, but if they can’t, they can split the bill. Traditionally the bridesmaids pay the bill and the bride and groom can appreciate them by hosting them for an aftermath.
A wedding, being a time to celebrate, dance and support the bride and groom who are no longer two but one as they start their married life.
For every wedding to be memorable, the invited guests should feel comfortable and happy at the event.
Today’s article is about the right table seating arrangement at a wedding. The reality is that you can’t make everyone happy but there are some guidelines to help you get the seating plan right. Below are some of the tips on how to get the right seating plan.
Many or if I am not mistaken all the wedding invitation cards are written at the end that no children are allowed, but children are always there in attendance.
You can’t send them away because their parents are there also.
Whenever women are in attendance, children will also be there.
As the organisers, just relax, don’t get frustrated, this scenario happened also in the time of Jesus.
Some people brought the children with them so that He could touch and bless them, but this was not the disciple’s cup of tea because they thought they were bothering Him.  In (Matthew 19: 14 NIV) Jesus replied and said; “let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
To feel secure all what children need is a loving look and gentle touch from someone who cares. They believe us because they trust us, so why not surprise those children that find themselves at the wedding celebration with crayons, colouring books and other activity books and seat their parents nearby that is if you are having a children’s table.
When planning a kid’s table make it like a fun party for your little wedding guests to enjoy.
Set up a child-friendly table with clever activities to keep the little ones busy.
The little ones love getting special treatment, let them say happily “cheese” for the camera.
Wedding themed projects will tickle kid’s imaginations as they can practically use their artistic abilities while decorating wedding cake pictures with their favorite colours.
Keep crayons and colour pencils at arm’s reach. Serve up inventive food and drinks that give kids the VIP treatment or even the food being given to the adults.
Little men look good as they are always dressed for the occasion.
They will feel especially grown up when they sit down to an elegant place setting with kid-friendly touches.
Don’t overwhelm them with too many plates, folks and make sure dishes, silver ware and glasses are the right size for youngsters.
Putting the little ones on their own table will also reduce the running around at the reception venue.
As we continue to look at the right seating plan you have to make sure that you keep apart feuding or those relatives who are always quarreling at separate tables, because if they seat at the same table you won’t like the confusion that they will cause at the wedding celebration.
The other thing you need to do is seat your shyest, reserved single friend with people she knows or make it a singles table so that she is free to interact, pass comments with others freely.
Do not seat her at the table of raucous, rough in sound, drunkard bachelors. This will just make her leave the wedding celebration before it even finishes.
For a wedding to be memorable guests need to be part and parcel of the procession so as a result they must feel at event.
Seating a bunch of strangers on one table won’t make your wedding memorable, everyone will be thinking about what to say in order to break the silence.
One might think to start a topic on politics, beauty, fashion, soccer or why the bridal party has failed to make it on time but others might not like all these topics.
It will be a sad thing to enter a reception venue and only to see people busy with their phones, trying to chat with friends and family on facebook or twitter because there is no one to talk to on the table where you have placed them this is bad as it makes them bored.
A wedding full of bored guests with wondering minds is not worth watching on video, the photos are not pleasing to be keep in the wedding album.
Do them a favor that will make them smile, excited throughout the celebration by keeping them with their partners or people they know.
Do your grandparents a favor by not sitting them near the speakers, loud rap or rock music have not being there best music of all times so make sure you sit them on the parents table which is placed near the head table.
Their sight could not be that good so keep them near your table to enjoy the wedding celebration of their grandchildren; they should have a story to tell when they go back to the village.
Don’t seat exes at the same table. They will gang up and form a pact, before you know it they will cause confusion, not inviting them will be a better option, as they have no purpose at the wedding, and what do you want them to do speak now or forever hold their peace?
Don’t seat the DJ, wedding planner, photographers and other service providers among your invited guests. This is awkward as your guests may feel they have been put at the “B’ table.
A vendor table at back of the venue is as much better option.
Don’t seat the youth and the senior citizens on one table.
The youth will speak whatever comes to mind as they are enjoying the days of their youth, we can’t blame them, l know this is so irritating to the senior citizens, they will complain about the children of nowadays.
Keep the age group in mind as you come up with the right seating plan.
When it comes to the married couples do not separate husbands and wives by seating them on different tables, let them seat on the same table, chairs next to each other, it should be a couples table.
Always remember that simplicity and elegance will always leave a lasting impression.
Have a memorable wedding.
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